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  • Bed Rail/bed guard

    Hi mothers,

    Have any of you used and bed rail or using one at the moment? What's your comment as a user? Any recommendation and advice?

    Am thinking of getting one for my 2.y.o who has now move on to a standard adult bed. She's a wild sleeper!

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    There are lots of choice out there, it's not very safe also imo. I think they are still able to slip into the space between bed rail and the bed provided that the bed rail is very secure. There is one that I am particularly interested in the Safety 1st these stay on the top of the bed and are not too short.


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      Thanks ashlees for replying. I've read review about child stuck in the gap between rail and bed too. That's why I've 2nd thought and wonder if that's due to the installation design of the rail. Therefore I thought I'll ask around.
      I'll try to find out more about the Safety1st rail you recommended, wonder if it's available here. I heard Robinsons has few designs. Perhaps can check there.


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        There is! It is avaliable at Toys R Us not sure about the rest of the places but I think they should have!


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          I'm using this on my bed currently for my gal when she sleeps over sometimes........very good and sturdy. Highly recommended. I got it at Toys R Us......IIRC, its $79.90.


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            Great thanks LittleLambie.


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              Ashlee, I checked out Toys R Us site and see there's a promo going on right now.

              If you have their star member card, Safety 1st Soft n' Secure Portable has this promo; has many reviews on this model.

              If you prefer the one LittleLambie recommended, Toys R Us is selling it at $79.95 but there is a Citibank Promo going on right now in conjunction with their Star card. So, can save 5%.

              To get their star card, spend above $50 and you can sign up for a card and get activated on the spot and pay at members rate right away. I did this for the Secure Lock Bed Rail with Citibank promo and got a 5% off.

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                Hey GG thanks for the information!!

                I am eyeing the one Little Lambie has too but I am waiting to see if Robinson have this if they have then will grab during their member sales!


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                  Hi hi...

                  Isetan Scotts is having a private sale. They are selling the Safety 1st Soft & Secure Portable Bed Rail only @ $29.90 usual price is $72.90 but you have to present the member's coupon. Only 200pcs available.