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  • Central at Taka

    i did a search but i didnt find an existing thread...(if there is, mods pls help merge? Thanks)
    Anyway Central is at Taka basement. They are selling Hongkong food. I am kind of in love with the Yin Yang(aka coffee and tea)... Their peanut toast with condensed milk is nice too.. anyother reviews for their food?

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    I ate there once when they just opened and I don't find their food good. I ordered fried rice which was very oily and the rice was sticky and soft. My order came only after 45min and we had to keep asking them when our food's coming though there weren't many customers around.

    Furthermore, service was bad. We tried getting their attention a few times but were ignored.


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      Their only salvation is their toasted bread.

      Their "mixed tea with coffee" drink is too potent for me. I was a duracell bunny for a good 5 hours.


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        OT. i think coffee w/ tea is called 'yuan yang'. it's quite common in the coffee shop now.


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          blur me.. i thought it could only be found at "wang jiao"..
          didnt see see it at killiney and ya kun.. haha


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            I kinda liked their cheese baked rice. I know they are supposed to serve authentic HK cruisine but their cheese is really pretty tasty.


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              There's a cold dish: Tofu layered with pork floss (can't rem the name).
              Find it very refreshing.


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                so the food is pretty decent? Been thinking of going to try,but the first week they were open,long winding queues!


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                  Think the business improved a lot after moving to taka.
                  Previously at HV, the biz is


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                    I like the food there. But their service is at best indifferent, at worse downright offensive!


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                      Surprisingly, the best service I got from them was when I have decided not to eat there.

                      Friend and I walked in, sat down, looked at the menu, chatted a little about eating elsewhere, stood up a couple of minutes later, and wow, a really friendly waitress came over and asked my friend why we're leaving - whether it was because no one served us (that wasn't the case). Or maybe because my friend is a guy.


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                        personally, I dont quite like this restaurant was kinda crampy lorz.....

                        food wise - I thought the variety was common ah

                        anyone tried before the durian rice? my friends kinda irk the though that it was durian so we gave it a miss though


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                          I find the food there so-so. Nothing to shout about.

                          Service sucks as well. They are great at ignoring us.

                          My colleague tried the durian rice. It's fried rice with durian taste.. Not very nice....

                          I think the good food would be the cold tofu with pork floss, fried chicken wings and their " maggie mee soup "...


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                            Originally posted by smurfy
                            I think the good food would be the cold tofu with pork floss, fried chicken wings and their " maggie mee soup "...

                            oh yes!! we had that too!! didnt know we have tried the same stuff

                            especially the cold tofu, we simply love it!!

                            my friend tried the "maggie mee" - she loved it


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                              I went down to Central agian as i am hooked to their tea plus coffee.
                              1. Maggie Mee with fried egg and luncheon meat
                              This was a disappointment as i think the noodles i cook at home is nicer...

                              2. Rice in bamboo shoot
                              The rice is quite frangant and somewhat taste like claypot rice.. Can try..

                              3. Calamari Rings
                              I think the calamari rings offered elsewhere are better.

                              Anyway i tried the fried carp balls during the last visit, its not bad can give it a try.. I also wanna say am i nuts? But i think the chilli they have at each table is so nice!! Very spicy with a tinge of sourness!!!