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    most suitors usually do sweet stuff when they are interested in a girl..trying to create a good impression and stuff... but when they realise that they can't get the girl... some might start to turn nasty or even resort to despicable means to get a girl... a guy did stuff to gain my sympathy like feigning illness and stuff .. but i didn't believe him.. cos his stories were too unbelievable

    i love to hear mushy stuffs from my BF though


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      i'm quite shameless in accepting compliments i guess... makes my day , but my SO's not the mushy type, so i'll try to 'encourage' him so say more but right now, i'm still the one who's more into writing and saying romantic sweet nothings hmmm, now after reading the thread, wondering if my SO thinks i dun mean what i say coz i say them so often...


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        Originally posted by shazzerlyn
        you're right siren ... it would mean alot to us if we like the person.

        i like this one that my SO just told me after I was late when he came to pick me to work today ... he would usually be upset with me for making him wait ... but today he said this sentence which makes me blush and can't help but smile when I thought of it.

        Me: I'm so so sorry to keep you waiting dear!
        He: how can I be angry with such a pretty gal! he hardly says such mushy stuff!!
        Ya lo it sounds so sweet. I remember whenever i was angry with my ex, a simple word of sorry will drive everything away hee... So naive. Of course he has to be sincere about it