Dear all,

Christmas is a day of joy and a day of love, and I believe that it is a day to give. On that day, you party down Orchard Road or attending church function, or perhaps just lazing around in front of your computer in your cosy home. How great and peaceful life is.

But it seems that we are the only few around the world living in such a world. The earth is so big and its mother is crying. Crying dry without tears.

There is a place around you, where the people can?t feel that Christmas is approaching, snow doesn?t fall, joy isn?t seen. The only thing they know is the hunger they are having and seen the only few drops of water known as tears

I am talking about the place of West Timor in Indonesia. A place where hardship don?t seems to be ending. After the unrest in the year of 2000 after East Timor independence from Indonesia, the place was soon hit by famine for two years. The rivers don?t flow, crops can?t grow, many people are dying, living in darkness and fear. Just like what Bob Geldof said: ?Do they know its Christmas time at all??

Since its Christmas seasons, let us share our joy with them. They don?t need an Mp 3 player, they don?t need toys to play with, they don?t need a plasma TV. They only gift they would need this year is life. And I am appealing to you. Please save them.

I am hoping to form a team under YEP (youth expedition project) to West Timor, I would need 20 youth participants age 17 to 29, able to go to visit the place during march 11 to march 25 2006 to be in this project. The place has settled down from the unrest and safety precautions will be impose for the trip. The price each participants will have to pay will be about $ 300 and not more the $450. You will be there as a great person, saving lots of life and share the joy.

I have a friend whom runs an orphanage over there for 300 children. He is Captain Budi, he has spent a lot of his own money and time with his wife on this life long project. We will be staying in that orphanage with proper sedition and clean water for consumption. We will be doing two projects there:

1. to ease their water shortage problem such as digging wells

2. to empower import skills to the orphanage children such as English language training or goal setting workshop.

Do visit his website at:

It will sure be fun and unforgettable experience. And not to forget, you will be there to give an important gifts, which if the gift of life. We might be going for a sight seeing tour where one could enjoy the clear blue sea with activities such as sknoring.

New Year is fast approaching, a time where we would look ahead and plan for the future. Let us give them a new hope, a new path and a bright future to the place and to the children.

The dateline for the registration is 28 of December 2005, please do feel free to give me a call or email if you are interested. Pass this message around, you will help by doing so. Do contact the in-charge if there is any further enquires.

(you can contact the in-charge)
email: [email protected]

Thank you