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lemming any items from the USA?

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  • lemming any items from the USA?

    Hi Friends,

    I'm visiting my relatives in the Philippines and haven't seen them since I was 8yo! I was hoping to pack my bags full of presents, but have no idea what they would want from the US?

    Could you help me out w/ideas for gifts?


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    help! Anyone? Any suggestion would be so helpful! I remember my mom when I was little would bring bed sheets and thin towels be/c the thick ones took too long to dry! It was odd to me, cuz one thing I love are my THICK towels! Anways...please help me! Maybe everything we have here, they have there too?


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      I'm sure the kids will love bags and bags of candies and choc. Or a box of yummy krispy kreme?

      Ladies would love cosmetics i supposed, maybe something fr Milani etc

      Hope this helps and enjoy your visit, i'm sure there's loads to catch up on.


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        i think chocs are a good idea! or u can get them some cute stuff esp for the kids!


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          Bath and Bodyworks stuff always make ladies very happy.


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            Cosmetics! Victoria Secret's Garden collection of body lotions, splashes etc! It's domestic only so they'll be glad to have some of them!


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              Thanks for the input ladies! Ironically, I ran into a friend tonight who just got back from the Philipppines. He said his relatives loved kit kats (chocolate cand bars w/wafers coated w/chocolate!) It's so funny!! I have to go get all kinds of chocolate now.

              Also, I just went to Bath and Body Works tonight. They have great deals. I was just going to suggest you all to check out the great website, but I just read they only ship w/in the US. Bummer. I was shocked to see that some of the body butters were only 5$ when they're normally 14$!

              Lots of shopping to do before I go. Cosmetics huh? That's tough. I grew up w/lots of white folks here. I bet they're better at picking colors than me! MAC's always nice. I think they must have that in the Philippines though. We don't have Milani here in the Midwest of the US; I think it's a West coast product. Weird huh?

              Well...thanks for the ideas! I'll keep looking for more things!