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    Was searching around for more info about Pure Yoga but coudln't find much. Anyway, I went for the trial lesson at Pure Yoga last night, so I thought I'd post my review here so others can read about it.

    I'm a believer of Hatha Yoga and not too open to fancy styles like Power or Hot, etc. But I decided last night to be more open-minded and tried Hot Yoga. It was 90mins long. The room felt like a mild sauna. When you start the exercise, i tell ya, the perspiration just flows! Felt really good after. Instructor (Catherine) was professional. We had about 13 people in the class, which is reasonable. Towels were provided, take as many as you want. I felt that it was more physical exercise than emotional (no meditation), although she tried to build in abit of mind-resting at the end.

    I've attended yoga sessions in many places and always have preferred small groups of not more than 5. This was a big group for me, but it felt alright. Instructor had time to go around and correct our postures.

    For a yoga studio at Taka, it is obviously quite commercial and out to make you feel good, which I did. The sales rep didn't hard-sell at all. No pressure. He listened to my needs and told me to take my time. Yes, that's probably a strategy, but it worked for me.

    For those going for trial, please bring a bottle of water or u end up buying one at $2.

    Pure Yoga offers unlimited package - $199 per mth(no lock-in), $159 per mth (12mths). I personally am thinking of taking the 4 classes a mth ($109-no lock-in but give one-mth notice). This is all the packages they have.

    UPDATE: Made a mistake, there is a 12mth lock-in for the 4 classes a mth package.
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    this is my 1st post and this topic caught my eye i've just check out their class schedule.. it don't look intresting to me.. it seems like all the classes of the particular timing are the same? or my eyes playing tricks on me? i am keen to try out yoga, briefly read thru the class descriptions. the timings of the class i wish to try out.... none of the day suits me


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      Class Schedule

      Hmm... actually that didn't cross my mind as I can only go for evening sessions and possibly weekends. Since I signed up the 4 classes per mth package, I'm not as concerned.

      I've been looking around for a while now for a place I can practise on a regular basis. And the reason I chose Pure Yoga is because of the comfort level. My preference is still somewhere not as commercial and frankly my favourite is still Ananda Marga Yoga Society:

      They are not commercial but location is off central. But if you do live near marine parade, u can consider them. I first started yoga from there... i still love them. but the location is just too inconvenient for me.

      Pure Yoga is simply a "stand-in" for me until I find somewhere more "Ananda Marga" But who knows, i might like it later on.

      To tell you abit more about Ananda Marga's belief, they believe very strongly in meditation to the route of enlightenment. The whole idea of Yoga is so to prepare our bodies for sitting for long hours of meditation and also to quieten & calm our physical bodies, again for meditation. So the beginners and intermediate classes there are fantastic for the yoga postures and abit of meditation. But if you don't want to get too much into meditation, like me, I stopped at internediate. At that time (2002), they didn't have any on-going classes, so I stopped.

      As for the other commercial yoga centres, for eg Pure Yoga, they are more into the physical aspects, which I feel do not explore the full potential of the true sense of yoga & meditation. Really, at the end of the day, it depends on what you want. For me, i just need a place to stretch and gain strength for now.

      Hope this helps...
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        Just got this mailed to me:

        Dear Yogis,

        Some of you may already know that Celeste Lau of On the Mat is closing her shala and moving to Pure Yoga to run their Ashtanga programme. Pure will be holding an Ashtanga Open House this weekend (11th / 12th Feb), which means free ashtanga classes for all! If you are already an Ashtangi, you might be interested in Celeste?s Mysore class from 8.30 ? 11.30 on Sat and Sun, and if you?d like to try out Ashtanga, then she?s teaching a led class at 2pm on the 2 days.

        To take advantage of this offer, just call Pure Yoga at 6733 8863 to book your place now!

        Pure Yoga Schedule

        For more latest news on visiting yoga teachers in Singapore and the region, visit Gajahgoogoo?s Links Page



        Gajahgoogoo Yoga Essentials


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          can anyone update on their fees?


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            i tried Pure Yoga a month ago and was not impressed by their 'gentle flow'. perhaps it was due to the fact that my friends and i wanted to try the hot yoga, but the consultant did not 'allow' us to do so and kept pushing the gentle flow to us.

            we've got another 2 trials but not sure if i would wanna go for it.

            the fees are slightly more ex that true yoga i think.


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              It's about $160 for unlimited, one year contract.

              I'm told that the facitilies are better than that of True Yoga.


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                Pure Yoga

                hi there! haven't posted anything in years...anyway, i joined pure yoga only because i was doing ashtanga yoga with celeste at On The Mat previously.

                i did try other classes when i first joined - just to get my money's worth, but still stick to mysore with celeste (terrific ashtanga teacher!). didn't really like their hot classes (couldn't take the heat, i spent most of my time wiping off my sweat) but i have friends who think that the power yoga classes are ok. but they said in these classes, it's more "doing" and less learning of the techniques than at the smaller studios. but that's expected given the smaller studios usually have only 8-12 students per class.

                agree that pure yoga is like true yoga, a more commercialized type of place, but i think pure yoga has really good and clean facilities and the customer service people are great.

                if you're looking for something more ananda marga i.e. more traditional type of studio with smaller classes, you can take a look at this studio at 57 oxley road ( i have a friend who goes for classes there. the main instructor is joan who used to teach at shambhala yoga centre before she left to set up her own place.

                hope this helps. have fun "yoga-ing"!


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                  this topic is so timely cos i just attended a free trial there last saturday

                  i tried the hot yoga class and i agree it was good, however catherine (yoga teacher) didnt really correct our poses

                  i have been hunting for a good yoga school for sometime since my yoga school closed down. i have tried true yoga before and frankly i hated the place. pure yoga is much better cos their studios are bigger and they dont practise in an air-con environment which is a definite no-no as any yogi will tell u

                  actually i have tried bodhi before but its not really that accessible, maybe i will try IYC, did hear good reviews for it


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                    i'm a new member at Pure since Aug only. Have so far really enjoyed their classes esp the HOT1 90 mins Hot yoga. Its Fantastic!!!


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                      lumos ~ Have you tried IYC? What is your reviews? TIA.


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                        i couldnt find IYC, haha..... walked up and down oxley road but just cant find it

                        i'm practising now at oasis holistic. its quite good, small class which i like and pretty knowledgeable teachers though sometimes i find it a bit too alternative for me


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                          I have tried the TRUE YOGA when it just started. In the beginning, they provide a good service to ppls who attended the yoga but as time goes, the centre becoming overwhelming.. the staffs and management was so suck!!! i had a bad experience with them.

                          Hot Yoga at Tanjong Pagar.. Some cotters are right. the instructor dont really going ard to correct the student position. And with the difficult in breathing during the session it causes me to lose concentration. so i dont enjoy hot yoga.

                          Yoga in Fitness centre.. it is not a good choice. they dont even care as long as they complete the lesson.


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                            Hi Lumos,

                            Yesterday, I have my first lesson at IYC.

                            It's a quite good as the class is small a total of three students and the teacher don't mind staying back answering my questions.

                            Btw, what do you think of Bodhi? TIA.

                            Originally posted by lumos View Post
                            i couldnt find IYC, haha..... walked up and down oxley road but just cant find it

                            i'm practising now at oasis holistic. its quite good, small class which i like and pretty knowledgeable teachers though sometimes i find it a bit too alternative for me


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                              bodhi is quite good, the few times i went the classes were really small. i stopped going cos it was a bit out of the way, i had to take mrt then bus just to reach. the place is quite nice though