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  • Studying in Perth

    Anyone going to Perth this Feb06' to study? Returning students or new students....How's life in Perth?Going there this Feb so just wanna gather some info before i leave...TIA
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    Hmm..i am planning to go to western aust as well..the unis there seem to be good and it is only ard 4 hours from s'pore.
    What course will u be doing?


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      Wonder where u gals r studying?

      thinking of studing in Perth too... cos nearer to Sg


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        Where are you studying, nitz? The weather is quite a change from Singapore. We don't sweat as much there for one but the winter can get cold. It really depends on your threshold. It's not a very exciting place but very conducive for studying cuz there's not much you can do after 5.30pm. Hahaha. The people there are generally very nice too. They've much more manners than we Singaporeans do. For some of us, we need a little getting used to when we get back here because of a mini 'culture-shock' heeh. At least I know I had to.


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          hi nitz, i am currently studying in perth, UWA. Where will you be studying?

          Currently they are an hour before us, because of the day-light savings. Perth has chagned alot in the past few years. They have pretty much everything that you will need. From high-end labels such as Gucci, Lv all at Kings St to Crumpler, and other aussie brands. But crumpler is cheaper in Singapore than aussie.

          The cost of living is higher, and in fact, perth has overtaken sdyney to be the most expensive in terms of housing, which will affect rentals and hostel charges. When you come over, if you have a brand new hp, which you have no intentions of changing, you can choose to subscript to "optus" which allows you to use your own hp. But if you want to get a new hp, "Three mobile" will be a better choice. Usually students on prepaid will choose "Optus" which is sort of linked to singtel, but for long term subscription, most students will choose "Three".

          For internet, if you are staying at hostel, it is usually free of charge, unis will also have certain areas where you can use their pc or your laptops at wireless area to acess internet free of charge. If you don't have a laptop, get one in perth. It may not be as cheap as singapore, but you are ensured of gurantee which you can extend, and if anything goes wrong, you can call for servicing, which they will come over to your place to service.

          Travelling is considered highly accessible, but if you have extra cash, you can get a small car to zip about easily. Perth does have night activities, but because of transportation, you might not want to leave your place after dark. Bus drivers are super friendly, and the people will make an effort to say at least a "thank you" when boarding off the bus. Currently, I believe all have switched from using the multiriders to what we call "smart" cards. They are the same as ezy- link. As long as you are a full-time student, you are entitled to conccession.

          Weather-wise, there are four seasons, but Perth rains the least (maybe at max 20 days for the whole year) among all the other aussie states. Dec-Feb Summer (can be as high as 40 deg to as low as 20plus at night) Mar-May Autumn (around 20plus in the day to 10 plus at night) June-Aug Winter (10 plus in the day to 0at night) Sep-Nov Spring (20plus in the day to 10 plus at night). Do bring a coat for winter as it is cold in the morning.

          But dont' worry too much. You will enjoy! Definitely.

          I will be flying back in the late feb, if you need more help, you can pm me for my contacts in perth! cheers!


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            Hey.. i'm currently studying in melb but i'm thinking of switching over to UWA for post-grad studies. does anyone know the cost of living in perth city compared to melbourne? lower? about the same? also, could someone fill me in on UWA's niche areas and the international/singaporean student pop? thanks!


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              Hi, I'm currently doing my post-graduate studies in Perth and yes the cost of living is slightly cheaper. Its not drastically lower but from what i hear from my friends who had studied in Melbourne, Perth is somewhat more affordable. Which uni you planning to go?


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                I did my foundation studies in Melbourne and went over Perth for my degree. Cost of living in Perth is somewhat the same. I lived on my own @ Broadway, Crawley, just stone throw away from UWA and it cost me A$250/ week for an unfurnished, 1 bedroom apartment.

                Water is free, but have got to pay for the gas and electricity usage, which amounts to on avg, $60/ mth.

                Hope this helps.


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                  looking for kahki to go UWA in feb2012. pls pm me


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                    Anybody heading to Perth this July 2012?

                    I just received an offer letter for UWA this July, Bach of Commerce! Anybody heading over too? Any reccs on how we search for houses here? I applied for Trinity Hostel already but chances are kind of slim! Help please and Thank you!