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Any good soup recipes to share?

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  • Any good soup recipes to share?

    Hi, my mum has just undergone an major op to remove one of her vital organs, the kidney. She is currently recuperating at home. But so poor thing.. she's walking with a hunch and every food she tastes seems so bland. As I am currently trying to nurse her back to health, I'm reaching a point whereby I have run out of ideas on what to cook for her. I understand Cantonese know how to make good soups which are both nutritious and nourishing for the body. As I am not a Cantonese, I would be glad if any of you Cotters out there could share on good soup recipes with me. Thank you in advance!

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    Hi Iflin,

    I have a soup recipe but not sure whether is what u looking for.Hope is useful to u. is there anything ur mom cant take at the moment so i might be able to find some recipes that are more suitable for her.

    1 Lotus Root(a long one with at least 2 sections)
    500 ml rich chicken stock
    200 ml water
    2 pcs dried Octopus or Squids
    5 Red Dates
    salt to taste

    1. Wash, sliced Lotus roots into slices
    2. In a large pot, add chicken stock and water to boil.
    3. Add rest of ingredients to cook.
    4. Simmer over low heat for 45 to 50 mins.
    5. Add salt to taste.
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      Hi Gal, it is really really very sweet of you to take such good care of your mummy

      Perhaps u can try getting one or two Taiwanese cookbooks from the bookstores or NTUC, usually they dedicate 1 whole cookbook for recuperating folks they need not to be the herbal types, just by using the normal nourishing ingredients will do

      Take good care too


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        watercress soup

        pork bones - use hot water to scald thru
        red dates
        watercress - fresh and washed (aka xi yang cai)
        mushrooms (optional) - soaked

        boil pork bones and red dates, mushrooms for at least 1 hr.
        then add in water cress
        add salt to taste, ready to serve


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          ABC soup
          chicken maryland - 2
          potatoes - 2 or 3
          celery - 1 stalk
          carrots - 1

          remove skin from chicken maryland
          scald with hot water
          and then throw all other ingredients into the chicken soup and boil for 1hr at least.
          add salt to taste, ready to serve


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            radish and carrot soup

            radish - 1
            carrot - 1
            mushroom stalks - soaked
            chicken maryland or pork bones

            scald pork bones /chicken maryland with hot water
            throw in mushrooms, radish and carrots
            cook for at least 2 hrs (as radish is quite tough)

            add salt to taste, ready to serve


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              for a more simple version of a soup
              try chicken soup with tofu (cut into pieces) and then add abit of spring onions (chopped), eggs (beaten)
              to make a egg flower soup
              remember to use cornstarch to make the soup thick

              good luck!


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                Hi gals, thanks alot for your great soup ideas! Really appreciate that! Will certainly try them out in the next few days..

                oceanbay and natnatviv> I often crave to make the lotus root and watercress soup but was really at a loss as to what to do. Your recipes have come in timely. However, I heard some say that lotus root and watercress may be too cooling. Not too sure if this is true and if it means not advisable to give it to those who are recuperating from illness. Do you guys have any idea at all?

                natnatviv> What is chicken maryland? Is it drumstick? And why is the soup called "ABC soup"? Also, the lotus root is always full of mud when bought from the market. How do I clean it until it's very having not a single sign of mud?

                vernis> Thanks for your suggestion of looking up on Taiwanese cookbooks. Will go check it out.


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                  Hi Iflin,

                  it has been how long since ur mom went through the operation? did the doc advise what she can eat? if she just went through the operation, is not advised to take too cooling or nourishing soups. maybe u can start with veg soups like potatoes & carrots soup or chicken soup with peanuts first. Potatoes,carrots & peanuts are considered as neutral foods. Here is another recipe for u & ur mom..

                  300 g raw peanuts
                  2 chicken drumsticks( remove skin to prevent excess fats)
                  6 honey dates
                  20g wolfberries
                  1litre chicken stock
                  salt to taste

                  1. Wash peanuts. set aside.
                  2. In a large pot, add chicken stock and water to boil.
                  3. Add peanuts & honey dates to cook.
                  4. Simmer over low heat for 40 mins to 50 mins.
                  5. In the last 10mins of cooking, add in the wolfberries
                  5. Add salt to taste.
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                    oceanbay> My mum has just been operated on coming to a month. The funny thing is that the doctor said she can eat anything and everything?? I suppose only the chinese doctors recommend not too cooling stuff? Anyway, thanks for your new peanut soup recipe. Will definitely try it out!


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                      i always have the idea that peanuts are 'poisonous', not suitable for post-operated folks


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                        Wow, interesting thread here! Perfect for me to learn some nice soup recipes to bribe my SO le..


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                          Originally posted by vernis
                          i always have the idea that peanuts are 'poisonous', not suitable for post-operated folks
                          Come to think of it, my mum did mention that peanuts are 'poisonous'. How true is this huh?


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                            that's something i heard from my mum too. thus when she did her op, i skip the yummy nuts

                            yr mummy getting better?


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                              Hi Iflin,

                              i didnt know peanuts are "poisonous". normally my family only follow the rules like not to eat seafoods just in case of inflammation. if really to follow Chinese rules, is just like giving birth, cant take alot things..
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