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  • Haircut

    where you bring your baby or toddler for their haircut? do you cut yourself or go salon? Cant find a good one

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    there's one in suntec right outside toys r' us.. haven't brought anyone there before though.. it's $15 per haircut but now with 20% discount... it looks pretty good.. it has little LCD screens like those in the green taxis... and they always screen cartoons like thomas... they look quite pro handling kids!


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      kids' cuts @ united square, the only hair salon for kids in the whole building. located just beside the taxi stand .. also at $15 per cut. no idea if this is a chain for the one mentioned by razzleydazzley.

      brought my son there once .. ok .. neat and tidy, but nothing fantastic ..
      this time round, i did the cutting and he look like a japanese kid with straight fringe and layered back.
      my hubby & i placed him on top of my vanity top in the toilet, used all sorts of toys and gadgets to divert his attention & finished the task in 15 mins ... fringe was abit tough .. the back is fine .. after that, its a round of water playtime! but the hair sticks to his body and is so hard to rid of ..


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        wow how did u do that? i wanted o get him a japanese cut too but most salon only do the normal shaving. How come some children have long sideburns eh? just curious y my boy don't have it.should i shave the sides for more ingrow?


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          i had his fringe straight across .. and it helps too that his hair is very very thick (like his papa) .. plus my son is very fair with small round eyes .. hence, a little help from his mama and the japanese look is out! even when i brought him to the hair salon @ united square, i told the stylist exactly how i want his hair to be cut ..

          no idea about sideburns .. i thought it aint something which can be created but whether a baby is born with it or not?


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            my sis in law cuts her son's hair cas he's v upset when ppl touches his hair lols.


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                Kids haircut

                Originally posted by sUsHi View Post
                where you bring your baby or toddler for their haircut? do you cut yourself or go salon? Cant find a good one

                Why not try a mobile hairdresser instead. You don't come to us. We come to you. Sick of forcing your kids to salon? Thinking of something special for your kids birthday this year and have no ideal what to do.. . Check us out!! Http:// Wow. There's baby 1st cut too


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                  Last night at 8+pm, I brought my 2 years old son for a haircut at Lot1 in Chao Chu Kang, we first went into the Jean Yip salon, we asked wether they do children haircut, one of the hairdresser / assistant said they do, so we wait for her to assign the seat.

                  Then my son started to cry, the hairdresser went to talk to the manager (or supervisor), they asked us whether my son will cry during haircut, I told them he will cry but we will hold him to pacify him so that it's easier for them to cut (which I only need them to quickly shave his hair).

                  The manager told us that they can't do this because my son's crying will disturb other customers, and show us a very unwelcome look. We really feel humiliated. If they want to reject a customer, they should give more polite excuse like our bookings are full, etc, and not turning customer away in such a rude way. This is the worst service attitude I've seen at salons, my family and I will never want to go to Jean Yip hairdressing anymore.

                  So we went to the Kimage on the same floor, my son is still crying, but they are willing to cut for him, and their male hairdresser is very polite and patience. My husband hold my son while he started to shave my son's hair. My son stopped crying immediately as he realize cutting hair is not painful and the shaver is quite silent. The haircut finish in 5-10mins. Thank you Kimage for giving my son a good experience with the haircut!