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Molester - How to Deal with them?

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  • Molester - How to Deal with them?

    Hi Cotters,

    Can share your experience on dealing with these sickos?

    I just ran into one yesterday in the MRT. He pretended to read newspaper and when he got up, his elbow brushed against me. As I was moving at the same time, he hit my tummy instead of my boobs.

    I knew it was no incident as he turned around and smiled at me at the door.

    I was so pissed!

    As we both were transiting at the same train station, I whip out my HP and took a pic of him while pretending to talk into the phone.

    He was alarmed and tried to lower his head and used the newspaper and his cap to hide.

    Subsequently, he looked at me just before boarding the carriage. I gave him a wicked smile and he was shocked. Throughout the whole journey, he monitored my movement to keep tabs if I am alighting.

    Each time, I would glared at him right into the eyes.

    I know this will not deter him but how should we react as victims? Keeping mum and suffering should not be norm.

    BTW, here's the description of the asshole.
    ************************************************** *******
    Malay, 50++ years old and peppered white hair
    Very Skinny with pony tail
    About 1.65cm~1.70cm tall
    Wears a red and white AKIRA peak cap
    Long sleeve floral shirt and denim jeans
    Black leather thongs with 1 inch heels (I thought the shoes looks very feminine)
    small squarish glasses

    Adding his pic here.

    Malay Molester
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    hope you are feeling alright...
    such people deserve to be
    he actually dared to smile!!!..
    what a pervert ..

    it'll be good to apprehend the guy immediately and call the police..
    i guess i will scream, slap his face and hopefully some good samaritan will come to my aid..
    rather than report it later which makes it more difficult for the police to find the guy and to obtain eye witnesses..
    in any case, its your word against his..
    and it would be the police's responsibility to charge him and undergo the usual court proceedings to sentence him if found guilty..
    in addition to having a criminal suit against the guy, i think the victim is also able to file a civil suit against him to claim damages for emotional distress etc etc etc.....


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      alba, I had the exact same experience as you. The only difference is that that happened in school in the lecture theatre! My stupid, perverted classmate who was sitting next to me in the LT, slipped his arm up under my arm and brushed against my boobs to take my textbook. He even had the nerve to smile at me later. I was so traumatised by the whole event and I went home and tried to forget it. The next time this kind of rubbish happens, I'm marching straight to the DEAN!


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        Just grab the sicko by the arm, and yell to the entire public, THIS MAN JUST MOLESTED ME!!!! Sickos do the darned thing in public and think we won't have the guts to just expose there and then. ARGH! sickos!!!!


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          I hate these sick men!! anyway normally when i am in a crowded place, i will be extra careful by putting my bag in front of my chest and not giving these sick man a chance!!!! But anyway i had this sickening experience at zouk. it was super duper crowded.. I was walking out when one just grabbed and pinched my butt. Of course when i turned i can identify no one... Anyway i just curse that freak his hands will rot!!!!


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            canoot stand these ti ko.. i think what i would do is scream "molestor" and then take my heels out and hit him.. hee..


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              Grr...bring a pair of scissors around and use it!

              I think we girls should really speak up. The reason that these guys have the cheek to do it because we usually do little to them. Taking a pic of him with your mobile is a good move, alba. Go and put a hex on it!

              I think the best would be to deter these would-be-molesters by staring at them in the eyes to show them that you're aware of his presence and what he's thinking. Give them a killer look to make sure they know what's in store for them if they even dare to do it.


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                i will be extra careful by putting my bag in front of my chest and not giving these sick man a chance!!!!
                Yes i agree!! i always do that... They always take advantage that there are many people, hoping no body will know that... But other than staring at them, what else can we do? always felt like slapping theM!!!


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                  i had the same experience before. guys trying to get close on public transport. if im sitting, i will put my bag in between and stare at him if he tries to move near me and i will purposely say 'excuse me' loudly if he still continues.

                  but still sometimes im afraid of misunderstanding of those sickos because sometimes they really get too near unconsciously or unintentionally.


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                    For a while I thought I read mole-ster... what is a mole-ster?
                    After I read the thread I was still thinking oh, so the lingo now for light haressment is 'moles-ter'. *shakes head*

                    Just met one yday on the train. Train was rather empty, and he had to sit next to me, open his arms wide to read his newspaper until his arm had to be in contact with mine :p I walked up and sat somewhere else. If there's no incriminiating evidence, showing your displeasure might just add to their glee.

                    My take is, a normal guy will actually avoid contact or make efforts not to being mistaken for one.


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                      After being pinched on the butt by a pervert while I was travelling on a bus once, I took to carrying around a super-big safety pin for a while. The pin was hung around the zip of my bag in case I needed to 'poke' any itchy hands.

                      I think yelling loudly at the person is a good way of scaring & embarrassing them! I think I'll probably give the guy his just desserts by slapping him in the face with my bag as I leave the place.


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                        haha the safety pin idea sounds great!


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                          Yeah, safety pin sounds like a good idea.

                          There was once I took the mrt and this bangala came to sit beside me. I wasn't comfortable (cos molester radar on high alert) so I shifted away from him.

                          The pervert pretended to be asleep with 1 hand holding his chin and the other tucked below.
                          When he thought it was safe, he flexed his fingers!

                          I pinched his fingers real hard and he continued to feign sleep!
                          Wished I had a lighter to burn his fingers!

                          Next time, I think I will just whack him on the head with my sandal and take off!

                          Here's a picture of the malay molester. He took the MRT from Kranji and transit at Jurong MRT towards CityHall.

                          Will pray to Allah to give him many strokes of rotans

                          Malay Molester from Kranji MRT
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                            I've had alot of such incidents when I was younger. Older and wiser, I seldom met with such incidents now.

                            I think the key thing is to speak up, which so many of us wouldn't dare and not many other bystanders will help. If such a thing happen to me again, I will kick his balls off man.

                            I bring a jack knife around with me everywhere now.
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                              fusionx, poor you, so many of these incidents!

                              for me its usually on the crowded mrt or in clubs....i will usually push them away and glare at them, or tell my friends, guy friends even better, so they will scare the offensive prick away with dagger looks!