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    that's disgusting man


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      I once encountered this disgusting fat fellow who took out his Nokia phone and snapped photos of me. I was sitting directly opposite him.
      Although I have no hard proof that he indeed was taking photos of me, but the way he held his phone directly at my face-level, with the camera cover slide open, I more of less figured he cant be reading SMS or playing games like that.

      I got angry and took out my own hp and started snapping photos of him, several shots. And because my hp camera has those "shutter" sounds, it was quite loud and he could hear it and he got embarassed and looked away.

      Still, it pisses me when I think of what he could possibly do with those photos. I was wearing T-shirt and jeans and Birkie-knockoffs only..


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        Ray, doesnt it scare you to think of where your photos might end up? Maybe they're on sammyboy or sggirls forum for like-minded molesters to "rate" our photos.

        by the way I read on yesterday's papers about a lady who was molested by former teacher.
        She pressed the emergency stop button on the MRT and reported to station people and the MRT-driver I think.
        I thought that was a very smart move, she must be very composed at that time because if I were her, I would freak out and probably get off the train immediately and cry


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          Hunny you're right! You might not know where you're photo will end up! Sometimes a guy just snap part of your chest area and you just won't notice it!

          Poor girl... but she make the right move though!


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            Hi gals, read thru most of the posts here and noticed alot of girls suffer on public transportation, esp buses and worse if you are sitting on the inner seat and 'trapped'!

            I have a few encounters to share.. most of which got me off guard and of cos i regretted not screaming at the fella.. but promise to if the idiots are being encountered again.

            Sec Sch.. Bus was packed I was sitting at the aisle seat and dozing off after a long day at sch.. Than this malay guy was standing next to me, I did not notice at first than something kept bumping me. Then i looked up, he was smiling away and rubbing his hard on on my arm! I looked at the thing which was rock hard and grossed out. And moved away. Than he walked off... and never saw him again.

            Not so long ago... on Bus service 10 from ECP to town. I would take the bus at about 7.45am to work. Its a double deck and all seats taken except one on the aisle beside this decent looking uncle who looks like my dad pattern, glasses, neat. I sat down.. with in 5 mins he started to push me.. shifting his butt, his arm against mine till i was almost 1/2 butt of the chair. I was wondering is it he doesn't like my perfume.. or what.. Cos he was having so much space on his other side!! So I stood up and glared at him. I just kept staring. The ppl behind me saw and wondering whati was doing. I just glare. Then the bus was quite packed I did not allow other young girls to sit next to him, blocking the way. But this auntie insisted to sit, staring at me. So I let her.. than he moved inner and looked away. There wasn't any witness to show he was touching me or pushing .. wished i had walked up to driver or maybe just scream saying HEY UNKER! U very fat ah! Stop pushing!

            A slightly more recent time... also bus 10 about the same timing. I forgot the whole 'fat' unker incident. And bumped into him again! I did not realise it was him and he was reading a koi book.. fake one la.. he was using his arm to push me again.. i was squashed and used my fingers to poke him back.. dind not work of cos, HoweverI was kinda in a lousy mood that day didn't scream again... sigh

            Saw the bugger again once, tried to take his pic.. but the bus was so packed, couldnt get it taken.

            Now I take a later bus and never saw him again. Maybe he's too old to work.

            But usually, if it happens, like one of the posters said it could be accidental and we cant scream everytime someone brush against us or if the bus swerve suddenly and the fella bumps into us... how much is enough and when is the time to shout??

            I hate to take the bus.
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              i ever give a man tight slap inthe foam party 3 yrs back at sentosa. When the bubble drop someone just squezze my breast my god..


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                Originally posted by stardust
                There's some construction near my work place..and everytime i walk past the workers i get these smacking lips sounds and smooching sounds from them.
                I once encounter this kind of situaton. And I would suggest to lodge a complaint to the contractor in regards to the related matter. Normally for construction site, they will state which contractor is holding the project there, so direct the letters to them on the workers inappropriate behaviour.

                My colleague tried once, and the company's manager call back to apologise and promise to discipline the workers in that site.


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                  i was the unlucky one who met 4 times till todate. And i hope that i won't meet them again. The most terrible one is a Indian Fat man who wear nothing but a condom, he came out of one corner and walk past me just like that.

                  At moment, i was like shock and freak out. Just hope that i quickly walk past him and get to the main road.

                  Don't know what to do. Wanted to report police but think that it is useless . By the time they come, he is gone.

                  That's a very terrible experience. I do not even laugh at him, or criticise him, because i'm afraid he might do something bad. A nightmare, hope that nobody will encounter this naked balck man like me.


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                    Originally posted by Jess
                    Don't know what to do. Wanted to report police but think that it is useless . By the time they come, he is gone.
                    Hi Jess, you should have reported police. Singapore is very small. It's easy for them to trace and hunt down this guy. Theyjust need to ambush and sure will get him one day.

                    Take care. And DON'T get bullied again.


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                      Jess ur experience sounds bad! The man in gross! was it in broad day light??


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                        it's 8am in the morning. And i thought nobody would dare to expose at 8am!

                        I only met 2 flasher before but in 6.30am, on my way to school. So i think this black naked man is daring enough.

                        The reason i won't report to police is because of the hassle i've to go through. I think i need to provide the description of the man, but i think i cannot make it since their faces look so alike.


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                          After graduate from sec sch, i'm working til quite late.. so took a bus back....

                          the bus was almost empty and i sat at the upper deck.... Then got 1 indian guy come up and sit beside me... I'm like.. ok....... (red alarm) And he start moving closer... I'm so irritated that i put my bag in between and pretend nothing happen....

                          And my mum told me she also had a similar accident... But she was sitting at the outter side of the seat.. so when the indian man come up, he stand at my mum there, like indicating her to move in and he want to sit.... But the bus only has like 4-5 people?? empty seats everywhere.... So my mum just glared at him and remained sitted.... So the man just find other seats...


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                            I won't allow an indian man to sit next to me.. if possible.. and pretend the seat is taken, looking away. Also because they tend to smell than I won't be able to breathe through out the whole journey!

                            Its always good to keep our handphones handy to have quick dial to the police or snap a pic of the intruder!

                            We should start a thread and post all the pics of these people and spread the word around with exact location and what they did! (just like the parking idots blog). Just pics only with the crime they did, with no chit chat to make it easier to read.


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                              It happened to me at a crowded place, this dirty middle age man walk pass me and touches my breast on his arm, it make it to very natural as because the place is crowded and he uses this trick to touch my breast.
                              I'm so angry and lost him in the crowd.
                              What you ladies suggest if this happen again as they can just say is an accident because the place is crowded.

                              It happen another time which is dirty old man, the place is not so crowded and from far i saw him and try to walk away from him when is getting near me he faster walk closer to me and use his arm wanted to touch my breast but hey i know you guys dirty trick and didn't give him a chance, i give a bad look and he smile back at me,damn idiot!!


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                                And now when the place is crowded i usually will fold my arms to prevent it.