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  • overrated beauty tips

    i think we can have a thread on beauty tips that we have listened and tried faithfully but it dint work out!!

    this thread is for us to grumble and complaint!!

    1. i always heard aleo vera is good for skin, be it eat or apply externally, i have a tube of aleo vera gel and i apply daily but there's no effect!! more balck seasme as it is good for blackening our hair, i eat and eat my hair still have alot of white strands!!

    3.dont blow hair as it will cause damage to ur hair, but i think blowing hair is gd, if i dont blow my hair my hair would be like a broom..very messy and blowing really add volume and radiant to my hair!! and if you leave ur hair wet, it will be easily break off as they are in their weakest state!!

    4.dont drink coffee as its damaging to our health...but i love to take coffee in the morning as it solvemy water retention problem!!

    5. i take honey drink regularly but my skin still the same and its always get irritated easily

    please contribute!!

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    1. I apply aloe vera gel diligently every night as well. Finished the whole tube (almost 6mths) no effect...scars do lighten a little somehow..but 6 months?!?! hello?!?!

    2. I take coffee every morning too. It relieves me from my constipation


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      Honey - doesn't help in my skin condition and manuka honey breaks me out instead.

      Pearl Powder - have been taking it for a while but my skin is not any fairer...maybe the powder quality is not top grade


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        I'm surprised about the Aloe Vera Gel I apply the Jorubi on my big cystic acne and in a few days they subside very effective!


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          My aloe Vera Gel was form GNC...maybe it is not as pure as the Jorubi one? hehe


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            Er, that is true. Aloe Vera hardly does anything for my skin, and neither does Tea Tree Oil. They always tell you a lot of water helps skin clear up, but I find that to be only partially true. I need to drink a lot of water AND increase my intake of fruits and vegetables before I see any effect.


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              Hmm, here's my worth:

              Tea tree: Yeah, using anything with tea tree oil does make my skin break out really bad! But it does work on my gfs though, so i guess it varies from individual to individual?

              Aloe vera: Personally, i find that aloe vera does help to calm down my skin whenever it's irritated.. You girls should go try Jorubi's aloe vera gel cos it's really ! Works for me every single time!

              : Drinking tea helps my water retention problem cos i'll keep having to go to the toilet.. I can't comment on coffee cos i don't drink coffee @ all.

              Black sesame: However, this is the first time i've heard of black sesame helping to "make" your hair darker.. Think our genes has a part to play with it rather than what we eat..

              Fruits & vegetables: It's really true that eating more fruits & vegetables will help to clear our skin up. Tried & tested!