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How do u toilet trained ur kids?

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  • How do u toilet trained ur kids?

    My boy is around 2+ this year and still wearing a diaper. mommies pls help!

  • #2 takes a lot of patience and effort to toilet train a baby so no wonder many mommies dread it. Here's some good articles from

    If you have The Baby Book by Dr William Sears, there's a whole chapter about it and I found it quite useful though I read it months ago.

    My baby just turned 15 months old today. I used to EC her but got lazy when she became more mobile. I will start toilet training her once the CNY is over. She definitely knows what poo poo and pee pee are. She peed on the floor just before bath time today and when she saw me coming, she pointed at the floor and said 'xu xu'. She can already tell me when she wants to poo but lately she only tells me after she's pooed. She will also hide in a corner when she wants to poo, which is very exasperating!


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      Sorry I'm not a mummy yet.
      But I know you can start to "xu" your baby at the sink when ur baby is around 3 months.
      My mum used to train me that way and I stopped wetting myself when I was about 8-9 months.
      Mum told me so.
      Recently my friend also did the same way (her mum) to her baby.
      Baby was around 3-4 months I think.
      "Xu" just after baby wakes up then baby will pee.
      Then give baby milk after pee then "xu" again after milk.
      Doing all these religiously surely can toilet train your baby at early age.


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        What pinkdewy just said is called Elimination Communication (EC). There's a separate thread on this one with a lot of good advice from the moms here. Do have a look at it :D


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          hi there, my gal is 8mth old and i have used the elimination comm method as highlighted by ariel since she was abt 2 mths. i guess this works 2 ways. my baby will take my cue when i put her on her potty to pass urine. at the same time, i will also look out for signs (facial expression) that she wants to pass motion. she has been passing motion and urine in the potty most of the time, but i still let her wear diaper as a precaution. maybe u can try my method. as ia m a sahm, i guess it is easier for me to adopt this method. bt u have the advantage that ur child can signal to u verbally since he is 2 yo. HTHs


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            Originally posted by happybean
            how does one convince the child to sit on the potty - my child signals, but refuses to sit on the potty, instead he walks to a certain part of the room and pees there!
            For me... how I train my 2 kids... I'm the more fierce mommy here.... everytime, when my kids pee other than the potty... I will give a small spanking on their backside or thighs..point to the urine...and tell him / her... No urine on the floor... see, you wet the pant and the floor. No good girl / boy. " Then I will bring her to the potty, show her and tell her, "see this is potty, girl girl must urine in the potty, Then girl-girl good girl.

            So everytime, they made any "accidents", I will keep repeat that. But usually, I will watch the timing.

            I start my younger child toilet training since 1 years old.

            First start with Passing-motion (poo-poo), trained her to tell me that she wants to poo.

            Then a few months later (for my younger girl's case, that is 15months, (she started walking at 12 months) so when I realised that she is more stable in walking, I started to train her to tell me she wants to pee. Took a few months, I usually watch for timing. As a few mommies mention. After bedtime or nap time, I will put her on potty, she will usually pee. Every 1 to 1? hours, I will ask her to put her on potty and tell her to urine. Whenever she does pee, I will praise her... and tells her.."See? Mei-mei...urine in the potty. Very good girl"

            Now, I don't need to watch the timing..I think she got use to the momentum...when she feels the urge, she will goes to the potty and try to pull her little panty down and called" Mommy, urine... urine".

            So, at 22months, she is officially off diaper during the day and even when we are out. Only wear diaper during bedtime at night. But then, I still have to be careful...cos' whenever she is playing....she can forgot to tell have to keep eyes on her!

            Potty training is not easy...but really have to be very patience...good I'm hoping she will be off diaper during bedtime...but I guess I shouldn't stress her so much for now....


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              happybean, does he pee sitting down or standing up? If he pees standing up, maybe you can just direct him to the toilet and let him pee into the toilet bowl instead? Maybe he finds sitting on the potty uncomfortable or weird...just a thought


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                perhaps you can try telling him/her that the floor is now dirty (yellowish perhaps), wet and slippery if pee on the floor and that they will fall and hurt themself if trying to walk.

                yes, like Ariel suggested, I direct my kid to the toilet and show her also the fun of wiping her bum with toilet tissue and flushing the toilet. Hm... everything have to be made like its "fun" for them.

                I wouldn't suggest peeing in the sink however as it's pretty unhygenic. Saw parents do that in pulic toilet and I'm utterly grossed out by that particularly when the pee accidentally got to other area of the sink. Just my opinion.
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                  I don't really like to use the potty, because I am too lazy to clean. When I toilet train my girl, I just let her squat on our toilet bowl. Now I have bought those attractive stools from Ikea. My 2 years 8 months old girl can pull down her pants, climb up the stools onto the toilet bowl and urine by herself.
                  I intend to toilet train my boy the same way too. I will let him climb up the stools and pee into the toilet bowl.


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                    I started potty training two days ago, cuz she seemed ready and kept asking me to take off her diaper as she wanted to pee. it is going reasonably well except for one thing. it seems to be causing havoc with her sleep! she used to sleep through the night from 8pm to 7am , recently keep waking up and crying, and i have to nurse her back to sleep.

                    is it due to the potty training? cuz she is even resisting going to bed now compared to before where she will go to sleep like an angel. anyone experienced this before? TIA!


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                        Mel, hang in there. Soon, Athena will be toilet trained

                        Emily's now fully toilet-trained during the day. She only has accidents when she's too engrossed with her toys but even that doesn't happen too often anymore. I have started to stop putting her in diapers when we go out because she kept telling me she wanted to pee and was unhappy when we told her to pee in her nappy. We put a potty in the car and let her pee in it when she wants too (very troublesome to unbuckle her from her car seat and manoeuvre a squirming toddler onto the potty while taking care that I don't spill the contents of the potty all over the car! ) She doesn't like to be held over the toilet bowl so I have had to take her back to the car to pee. Must start training her to pee into the toilet bowl sometimes so that she will get used to it.


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                          Anybody use a potty doll to help in the training process? I've seen some online where you can feed the doll water and then put the doll on a toy potty and the doll can "pee" for real

                          Are such dolls sold in Singapore? I can only find the Elmo potty toy here in KL, and also the Kelly potty doll but this one is much too small.


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                            my boy refuse to sit on his potty, he thinks the thing is weird. how to let him overcome his fear of potty?


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                              i have tried xu-ing my son in the toilet, many failed attempts.. end up both of us sweaty in the toilet..

                              its really a headache toilet-training man!