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    how come u guys paid so much? i went with my mum to chinatown and got them for $1 per 100 grams.. and they introduced a new flavour too.. lychee! simply delicious.. can't wait to try the durian one though..


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      Which part of Chinatown?? Pls post here.

      I am heading there! It's my favourite

      BTW, I can't find lychee flavour at bukit merah NTUC, but they have some unusual flavours like mushroom


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        ya which part of chinatown? is it the streets of festive stalls? but the rain makes it so inconvenient to go there though i work near there


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          Originally posted by kiss_me
          it's slightly cheaper than mine, i bought at jurong, selling at $1.80 per 100gm, and i had to travel alllll the way there to jurong!

          i hope they'll sell it cheaper towards chinese new year, my dad and bf loves the muachee
          Girl, where in Jurong? Coz i stay in Jurong & i am looking for this. My mom loves them!!! TIA


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            yah in one of those stalls set up for CNY.. it's right at the entrance of the wet market/hawker centre... the one behind CK departmental store.. i must go again to be able to give u the exact location.. can't remember which exit from the market.. they are also selling the pick n' mix candies for 80 cents per 100 grams...


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              Originally posted by joyzz
              i've only been to the one at wisma atria and bought my mochi over there. the japanese restaurant just beside surfbabe and topshop. hths =)
              i think you're refering to ichiban boshi

              razzleydazzley: the chinatown place where you got is not outside OG, right?
              i'm looking for lychee favour. but chinatown is far for me..


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                there's a stall selling the muah chee beside tampines mrt station (near to swensens) n they are selling at $1.80 per 100 grams. saw the D24 flavour! hehe n other flavours they had included yam, wasabi, strawberry, etc but i thought the selection was quite limited...


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                  this is taken from another forum....muai lovers..beware...

                  Would like to share this Chinatown Taiwan Muah Chee cheater case which happened just few days ago by a friend:

                  Not going to name the stall here but I would like to want ppl here who goes to the open air market set up for CNY over at Chinatown.

                  Topic here is the stall selling muah chi...

                  I took 4 packets of muah chi not because i've full packets but because I packed them according to the ppl i'm giving it to, so its like 4 half packets....

                  I gave it to the ah beng for weighing.... Here's the trick deployed by them... they weigh damn fast (but i managed to catch a glimpse at all the weights) then throw lots of additional muah chi and pudding inside... when questioned, they say its free for u so that u will come back after u finished... he did it for the 4 packets, I was like WOW... he threw in as much as i chose....

                  Afterwhich, he told me if i chose another kg, he'll give me a discount.. i was like.. neh, not really into muah chis and they just gift for relatives so i asked him how much the existing cost and he quote $90!!! and just $100 for 6kg stating that i already have 5kg worth...

                  That's impossible!! I told him I saw him weigh 2.7kg and he became agitated and weigh all plastic bags again... its plastic bags with the packets i chose and those additional he threw in.. they add up to 4.9kg and he threw in even more and said "Now more than 5kg, only charge u 5"....

                  I told him he was the one who threw in the additional and i insist that he take them out since they are not in the packet but only in the plastic bags.... after a very very long argument, i eventually paid for the 5kg very unwillingly since my wife n i r surround at the stall and i realised there's no way out unless i pay..... made me felt that i'm a someone being robbed in broad daylight in a foreign country

                  So cotters here.. beware when buying large quantities of muah chis...


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                    yup, i bought Muah Chee last year. It was a temp store set up for CNY just outside Northpoint..

                    They weigh very fast and also they place the front of the weights inwards, meaning you wont be able to see how much it actually weighs..

                    so becareful when buying from these people. Make sure u see the weight before and after they weigh.


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                      Originally posted by peekaboo
                      Girl, where in Jurong? Coz i stay in Jurong & i am looking for this. My mom loves them!!! TIA
                      i bought mine last night @ JE Central ..they have this make shift store just outside NTUC


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                        Thanks birki for the heads up? How much r they selling there arr? TIA!


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                          i bought green tea and lavender flavour before at bugis.. the shop next to mos burger... think for other flavours too


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                            dear bubblygal, where in bugis can I find it? any specific stall to look out for?

                            Thanks dear!


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                              oh is *** next to mos burger @ bugis junction

                              they sell alots of tibits one... don't recalled the shop name

                              if you are chocolate lovers... they have some unique chocolates too


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                                i bought them from chinatown too.. was examining the packaging closely. They seem to be made in China and not Taiwan. A little worried coz china sweets are not so reputable.

                                Are they from china or taiwan?