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    Originally posted by joyzz
    any past experiences that they will reduced price on cny eve?
    normally the stallholders at chinatown will slash prices on CNY eve so that they can clear their stocks..just like how they slash their prices for the cookies as well..

    tried my 1st muah chee given by my friend yesterday..had the red bean was quite good..


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      Originally posted by oblivion
      yup, i bought Muah Chee last year. It was a temp store set up for CNY just outside Northpoint..

      They weigh very fast and also they place the front of the weights inwards, meaning you wont be able to see how much it actually weighs..

      so becareful when buying from these people. Make sure u see the weight before and after they weigh.
      Oh I experience this at outside Carrefour's Muah Chee booth too!! They say I give you free and throw inside more muah chees but that was before weighing!!

      And the man before me was quoted $6 for his muah chee but only about 500gms then he threw in more (total weight 600gms) and I give you $8 la. The man refuse but he say come on only $2 more then the man refuse and say take it out he then gave him $10 but the seller returned only $2 change and said "$8 la, tolong la, $2 only".

      When my turn same thing happened!

      I was intending to take 1kg but not enough yet so he said I help you. He threw mixed ones and jellies in and said for you free! I snatched back and said I don't want these flavours and promptly threw them out.

      He said free la, you don't want? I said I don't want these and items not weighed yet what!
      He then wanted to snatch my bag I hold on to it very tightly and proceed to dump it on the weighing scale when the man not watching. I took about 1.2kg so he said take more I don't want and he proceed to dump some out ultra quickly took the bag off the scale and said $10.

      I went home and weight less then 1kg!!

      So unscrupulous!!
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        hey!!!!! i had the exact experience too!! the booth outsidecarrefour suntec!!!

        MY bf only wanted to get 200g!!!! And when my bf gave the uncle 10$ note, we were expecting change from him!!! YET, he threw in all the fruit jellies and kept the 10$ in his cashier drawer w/o even looking at us or consulting us!!!! that's so rude of him!!! pls boycott that stall cotters!!! really a sickening experience.......

        Despite having explain to him we only want 200g, he threw more jellies....we told him we dont eat those jellies, so wanna request to change to muah chees...he then ask us what flavours we we say a mix.......and GUESS WHAT!!!!! he grab a handful of YAM flavoured ones and threw all those in!!! We end up with half a packet of YAM muah chees!!!!!!!!!!


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          i went on the eve and the muah chees one whole bag for 5 bucks. grab as much as you can kind and they throw in more for you after payment.. if i know i will just wait till eve
          my bf mum went to count as she bought less than 20 pieces for $5 while we got 100+ pieces for $5... :wow: