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    hey girls!

    as im new to jobsearch, i would like to ask a few questions regarding the letter of appointment.

    I went for the final interview this week and was told by the interviewer that I will get the job. However, she will leave it all to the HR to discuss with me the terms and conditions.

    Right now, I am actually having 2nd thoughts to this job... mainly because I realised the job scope WAS NEVER close to what was written in the job advertisement!!

    As such, I was wondering when the HR finally contacts me, is it actually possible to actually negotiate with them the day to start work? Previously I told them I could start immediately. But right now, I wish to consider it for a longer time. Will this request also jeopardise my chances of getting the job?

    Lastly, when I am requested down to sign the letter of appointment, do I definitely have to make a choice on spot ? Or will they give me up to a week for my decision?

    I am in such a dilemma right now!!! Though it is a good company with lots of prospects, I actually do not think I could cope nor fancy much about the job scope. Moreover, they want me to start from lowest (*** a position above a clerk!) despite having a degree!


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    If u sign the letter of appointment means u have agreed to work for them.

    I would say, wait for HR to contact u, u should tell them u prefer to start work from next month onwards. If u have decided not to take up the offer, just tell them so when they call u next time.


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      usually, the hr personnel will call you to discuss the first day of work, pay, leave, medical, etc..
      if there are some things that you are not agreeable.. negotiate with them..
      as long as you have not signed the letter of apppointment, changes can still be made..
      so far for my job, i had to sign the letter of appointment on the spot..
      but it depends on the policy of the company as my friend could bring his letter of appointment home and the offer from the company will lapse after one week..

      since you like the company but not the job scope, you can clarify with the hr why the actual job scope is so vastly different from that advertised..
      and probably see if there are any other more suitable opening within the company..


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        Read the clause properly on the letter of appt.
        Last yr Sept I made a mistake of signing the letter with the new co on the spot despite one of the clause stating:

        If I fail to report for work, I have to compensate one month salary.

        End up my boss tried to disuade me from leaving my current position.
        Very messy and big whooha.
        Shan't elaborate as it is too painful to bring up again.
        They did insist me to pay but end up my boss "assisted" me to pay off.
        How lucky I was.
        I was not only lucky that boss helped me.
        He even matched my salary with the other co after I agreed to stay.
        Really owe him a lot.

        That is why, my dear, I advise you to read the clause carefully.


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          Let's wait for the HR to call you while you take your time to re-consider the offer. 1st job is a very important start for new job seeker...I had bad experience for my 1st job, so I know the pain...


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            Currently facing this situation. Had signed the appointment letter at Co. A, current co. counter offer my request. The reason why i signed with co. A is that i knew my current co. couldn't have pay me as much as the new co. sigh... According to my offer letter, probation period 1 week notice.
            According MOM website, as long as the new recruit has not started work yet even though the offer letter had been sign, no notice or compensation is needed coz there is no ermployer and employee realtionship. However, employer can claim the compensation thru its own lawyers for civil suit (contrading)

            Advise needed. TIA.


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              they wouldn't sue you over not starting work despite signing letter of appointment, unless you are some big shot director or senior position. It's not worth it to sue a junior executive over a month's notice of salary, so don't worry.


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                Thanks Sshortcake for your prompt reply. I hope it will be fine. pray hard.

                Hi glitzy, to add on my research on MOM website, If notice had been given but you are not waiting for the expiry of the notice, you had to compensate the employer the amount of the notice period.
                In most case, 3 months probation period 1 week notice. that is to say during probation,you let them know that you are resigning and not turn up the next day, you pay the employer 1 week of pay pro-rated with your gross monthly salary. unless otherwise stated in your appointment letter, if not , this is the standard guidelines from MOM if there is no mention in your appointment letter.


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                  Originally posted by SSShortcake View Post
                  they wouldn't sue you over not starting work despite signing letter of appointment, unless you are some big shot director or senior position. It's not worth it to sue a junior executive over a month's notice of salary, so don't worry.
                  But your reputation will be ruined.. this is not very good if you are in the same industry...


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                    i agree with u cinnamoroll, its not good if u reject the offer when u accepted it. and i was advised by my friend who is from HR that as long as i didnt start work, they cant ask me to compensate them (unless letter got state). i can just send back the original appointment letter back to them.


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                      Hey cotters,

                      I need help with a dilemma here. I went for an interview on Saturday 11/08/07 and was offered the job on Monday 13/08/07. I verbally accepted the offer but have not signed the letter of offer yet. But yesterday and today, I,ve had calls for interviews with very good companies and i'm really kind of regretting that i accepted the offer so soon. BTW, the offer that came in is $500 lesser than my previous pay and i have only been jobless since 10/08/07.

                      Do you think it is ok if i were to call and say that i have 2nd thoughts about the offer and will not be joining them. Pls advise..


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                        Hey Karen, I think it is quite common for candidates to reject the offer even after giving verbal agreement. I'm in HR myself and i know for sure i had experienced that.

                        Just let them know you had better job offers that came along after you gave your verbal agreement and thank them for the time and opportunity.


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                          karen-chewtk: hey babe, don't worry about telling them that you won't be joining them... i was in the same situation as you less than a month ago... i told the hr officer that i'm interested in the job offer and would like to take a look at the contract - and she misunderstood that i said yes and accepted the job offer verbally... but after thinking about it i also had second thoughts and when the contract came i looked at it and decided not to take it up... she was alright with it... and now i've got a job that i really like and look forward to!

                          just explain nicely as to why you don't wanna join them... and remember to thank them for their time and effort! HTHs!


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                            hey Your_Highness & emmie,

                            Thank you for the advice. I think i'll go for the interviews then weigh my pros and cons then decide.

                            U gals have been really helpful.


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                              This is really pressing,hope some kind soul will give me some advice. Upon 2nd interview with the HR department, I was not given any direct statements that I will get the job but the HR person did tell me the exact pay I will be getting and that the next time I come down will be to sign the offer letter. I was also asked for my IC at the end of the interview. Now I am wondering, am I actually accepted into the company or not?This is because a day has passed and I am not so sure if it takes some time to prepare the offer letter,is this common?
                              I am also wondering if I am not shortlisted, why did they tell me specifically what my pay will be (since it ranges according to experience) and was asked for my IC at the end, anyone can provide me some help here. I did not dare to ask the HR if I was accepted or not because it will be just so blunt but I am fretting right now...SIGH