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Vision Improvement Therapy - The Bates Method

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  • Vision Improvement Therapy - The Bates Method


    Happen to pass by the Guardian Pharmacy, and they are selling some kind of 'pin-holes' glasses, meant to train the eyes to see in a straight line, prolonged wear can improve vision.. they also have a workshop which covers the whole vision improvement training process.

    Anyone tried this before? can share your experience?

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    i have it.
    it will only be effective if your degrees are not very high and you use it frequently for a long period.
    but, i bought mine on impulse, and, it is not that effective for me, because my degrees are about 500+ per eye. but it works temporary when you are without your specs, but you need to see.


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      I think it helps a little. I got a pair for my SO (but he doesn't use it much.. more of 1x every 2 months!!) but his eyesight seem to have improved a little. BTW his degree is about 200+ close to 300.
      But you can see quite far without your specs when you have it on.


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        I also bought a pair for my SO. He hardly use it. But both of us feel it indeed allow us to see and read without specs. His degree around 500. Mine is within 300. Since he always forget and lazy to use, probably i shall take from him and try it on myself for a period of time. I believe this thing will only improve your eyesight when use over a long period of time. The SA did told me estimated about 6-12months depending on degree and the frequency of use.


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          i got very high degree of short-sightedness. im -900 and -850. can i use the glasses? not aiming to be free from being short-sightedness, but at least to stop my degree from increasing! how much is a pair? and how long do i have to wear per day?


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            Ive prefect eyesight but I can feel that its getting poorer due to prolong exposure to computer screen.. imagine around 12 hrs daily.. can I use it to improve my eyesight?


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              berryvine: I can't remember the exact amount i paid. Its $30+... close to $40.

              psyence: its a blessing to have perfect eyesight! Probably you should see optician to check if your eyesight still perfect. I personally wouldn't advise you to try this since its meant for those with short-sightedness

              So far i didnt see much improvement in eyesight yet