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    Hi Gals,

    What do you all think about online studying?
    whether it's harder?
    or do you all prefer the old traditional way where you got to attend classes?

    Feedback please! as im considering to get a part time diploma but it's mostly online!!!


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    Hi dear! I was wondering are you considering to go to Republic Polytechnic or something?

    I am currently a student there now finishing my final sem


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      I've tried it and failed utterly. OTOH, I'm now doing quite well as a FT, on-campus student. In conclusion, you need to be extremely motivated and self-disciplined. Personally, I love meeting and chatting with my lecturers and classmates regularly - it really keeps me going.


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        i'm doing some post-grad distance learning course..
        mine does not have lectures..
        so it requires more discipline...
        as i only have to submit my projects and sit for the exam..
        and i guess i have to do extra research and obtain additional information on my own..
        in short, there's no one to guide and spoon feed you...
        the rest is own time own target..
        i study when i feel like it..
        and bum around if i dont have the mood..

        if your course has online lectures, its advantageous as you can pause or rewind them whenever you need it..
        for classroom lectures.. usually we tend to miss out some stuff as when we are busy writing down notes, there is a lapse in between where we wont listen to the lecturer.....its either we are writing or listening.. seldom both at the same time..


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          hi girls! thanks for the replies!!!

          stilafaux~ Me contemplating taking a part time dip at Temasek Poly,
          (Went to the open house at RP, they dont offer part time courses..) so sad.

          Both saresha and white frost have their points as well..

          As i need to work, i cant go FT.
          Hmmm i gotta consider carefully, and view my options, because if i take this up it would be SDF sponsored. if i flunk, lose face plus need to pay my company.
          Personally feel that the traditional way (FT)would be better
          it's been so many yrs since i studied dont know if i can cope especially mathematics! i hate it!


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            If you can study PT, with real classes (not so much online), I think that would be the safer option. Is it possible?


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              Nope. as this is the only particular course related to what im working other schools dont offer Pt only FT
              Im in the chemical industry.. so sad.


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                as other have said, online classes need alot of discipline. especially when we are working and with all the commitments you might just 'forget' to study. Go for it if you are super discipline. If not, maybe try looking for other options cause no point studying, wasting the time and whats not to get a mediocre certificate right?


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                  Hi whitefrost, do you mind sharing what discipline of post grad course are you taking and with which school? I'm thinking of taking a post graduate course.


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                    hi whitefrost, im also interested in which school you are studying with. due to my irregular work schedule, its very hard to study part-time and definitely financially incapable of studying full time.


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                      Online Degree-Curtin

                      Does any gal know this course? I have been accepted by PurpleTrain for the final year bachelor degree in Business Admin by Curtin Uni

                      This is an online learning degree cos I have committment cannot attend class physically. I want to know is the exam tough?

                      Thanks for any information, it helps.


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                        does anyone have any experience with online degree from US university?


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                          I have $5450 worth of credit with Brookes Business School. (Meaning I have put a deposit of $5450 with them)

                          Anyone who is interested to further study with Brookes (Be it Diploma / Degree / Masters),
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                          Reason why I'm doing this is cause I need cash urgently.
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                          Anyone who is interested, pls PM me.
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                          *Mods, I hope u will not delete this. Cause I really need help on this. Thanks!!*