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Wedding SMS - for RSVP and well wishes

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  • Wedding SMS - for RSVP and well wishes

    Hi ladies,

    does anyone know where I can get a SMS software to:

    (1) send out SMS reminders to guests (who don't mind the impersonal SMS, and in fact, would prefer it) to remind them of the wedding date, time and venue?
    (2) receive SMS from guests as RSVP?
    (3) receive SMS from guests as well wishes and display them on a screen during the wedding lunch?

    What's the cost like?


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    Hi paixsg,

    I've attended a wedding where the couple engaged the service of sms wishes. It's quite interesting from the usual montage. The couple's pictures were running in slideshow throughout the dinner and the sms wishes scrolls in at the top ...

    If you want more details, you can pm me.



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      I think Stefine does the (3). About $800 or more, the other time I enquired a few years back.

      We decided against it because we didn't want our guests to be wasting their money sms-ing to the screen.
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        I see ... my contact is a free lancer, so they're more reasonably priced. They said that the sms thingy is just like the normal sms charges the mobile providers charge. Hee ... hope my guests dun mind using one or two sms on me