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AWARDSLIM - singapore's new slimming pills ..

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  • AWARDSLIM - singapore's new slimming pills ..

    i picked up a pamplet from guardian today .. new slimming pills .. and am so tempted to try

    IMO it works like extrim and xando .. fat, sugar & starch blocker .. with 90 days money back guarantee

    any one tried??

    Award Slim is the best-selling, winning diet supplement from the United States. It's unique combination of 100% natural ingredients is known to boost weight loss, fight cholesterol, restore energy levels and improve overall health.

    Award Slim contains the unique starch-blocker formula which inhibits alpha-amylase enzyme activity to reduce carbohydrate uptake by up to 66%, without losing the nutrients. As a result the body burns more fat reserves and reduces obesity.

    Award Slim contains US patented ChromeMate? to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in your body, while metabolizing fats to help you shed the extra pounds. And unlike most, allows you to lose weight healthily and keeps it off.

    Award Slim is a high quality product that is proven safe and effective. Its efficacy and success is backed by many renowned medical professionals. So if you want to lsoe weight healthily, try Award Slim and see the results for yourself!

    Non-Denial Weight Loss
    Eat a normal amount of food without assimilating all the calories.

    No Hunger Weight Loss
    Insulin stability, acheived by blocking starch calories, regulate blood sugar, insulin swings and the hunger they cause.

    Directs Body to Burn Excess Stored Fats
    By blocking carbohydrates and glucose uptake, the body is forced to burn excess stored fats for energy, thus reducing obesity.

    Gradual and Sustainable Weight Loss
    Award Slim 90-day Treatment Cycle allows you to lose those extra kilos healthily and keep them off. Just one capsule 20 minutes before lunch and one capsule 20 minutes before dinner. A simple and healthy solution for weight control.
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    think this is also the one that does not contain caffein and does not have laxative effect too..
    was thinking of trying this after my extrim finishes..
    dont think extrim works actually..


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      can someone who tried awardslim pls provide a review? im thinking of buying.. awardslim or xando is better?


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        i've got a feeling this doesnt work too well too since there's no caffine


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          actually awardslim only blocks carbo, not fats.. but it helps to burn fats in the body.. =) wondering if it works?


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            Proactol Slimming Pills - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.