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Married cotters giving out ang pows...

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  • Married cotters giving out ang pows...

    Hi there..
    I believe there are some married cotters who are busy putting notes in the red packets for coming CNY.
    I am curious how much do you put for siblings, parents, little cousins, distant relatives?

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    Sorry i am not married but just to share what i usually get Perhaps you can draw some 'inspiration' on how much to give

    Parents: $100-$200
    Grandparents: $20-$100
    Immediate relatives (parent's siblings): $12-$20
    Distant relatives: $4-$12


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      we give really tiny angbaos (i sure am NOT a favourite among the younger generation - recalled me and my brother used to really take note which relatives are the misers and which are the generous ones) but already feel the blow to our monthly budget each cny - suddenly short of S$700+.

      kiddies angbaos : S$4 only, eldery angbaos : S$50-S$200 (sadly, this year there is less to give).

      and our "son" is terrible at helping us earn back some money...every year he only manages to nab 1 angbao from grandma.


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        Just a question.. Are we required to give ang baos to friends who are unmarried?

        Suddenly many people will be asking for ang baos from us, but it feels strange to give to friends, even if they are unmarried....


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          Lynn99 - Not neccessery to give ang pows out to your friends Is like when your friends get married. Did they give you ang pows kinda of like the same theory? Meanwhile maybe your friends are just kidding with you I don't think not giving ang pows to your friends, will spoil your relationship.


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            I'm thinking of giving:

            Close relatives-$10
            Distant relatives-$4

            Cheapskate right...but just got married so every cent matters now...Hope to increase when more financially comfortable... recalled that I also took note of relatives who give little or much.. now I know...

            Thought it was strange to give red packets to friends too.. what about giving to hubby's yet married older brother? Thought it's weird too but heard from colleagues that married couple should give reds to whoever unmarried in sight. Hmm.. so should give more than $10 to older brother right..?

            Anyone not giving reds for the first year of marriage? Or delibrately give big ones? I guess that's according to the dialect tradition of individuals... Friend told me it's not necessary for the first year but in-laws think otherwise...


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              I gave during my first year... Some people say no need to but some people say have to give.. But didn't hear abt deliberately giving big ones for the first year...

              I feel strange giving anyone who is elder in terms of senority or just someone older ang baos...

              I always get teases from friends asking for ang baos, I know some of them may just be teasing, but don't they know it makes me feel very awkward? Like I don't know whether to give or not, cos I don't know if they mean it or not? Sometimes I feel like telling them off!


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                I got 2 aunties who havent got married at 40, they still receive ang pows from relatives


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                  Originally posted by jemay
                  I got 2 aunties who havent got married at 40, they still receive ang pows from relatives
                  Even from married younger relatives like their neices and nephews (younger generation)?


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                    i have relatives who only give $2 every year
                    but it's okay i guess. just a blessing


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                      I'm not married yet but I've thought of this issue!

                      Here's what I plan to do!

                      Parents $300-500 for both
                      Siblings $100
                      Cousins above 12 $20
                      Cousins below 12 $12
                      Children of friends $8 to $12 (depending on age)

                      At the end of the day, it all depends on how big or small your family is. I will set aside a budget to bless people every year.

                      But I will not give ang baos to friends. It's simply awkard and I personally find it odd to take from friends too.

                      As for those who tease about it, I'll just laugh it off!


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                        I'm far from getting married but just wanted to KPO here.

                        I think there's no need to give friends! Only if your friends have children, then give their children.

                        I think Pauline's range is similar to mine, except for some rich friends' daddies, who give out $20 to everyone of his children's friends.

                        If you're still paying off some marriage loans, payments etc, then you don't have to give ang baos in your first year of marriage, but if you can, no harm done. It'll make you a favourite amongst the little ones.

                        Remember, set ang bao money within your limits. If you start off with big money and then reduce over the years, people will . Can increase but try not to decrease.

                        Happy new year!!


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                          I also have relatives giving $2 ang-pows, all the way till i got married ..

                          If we get bonuses then at least not so bad, else we will have to dip into our savings ..
                          anyway here's mine:

                          Parents: $120 each on top of the $600 i gave each mum to get their CNY goodies
                          Siblings: $40 - $60
                          Nephew/Nieces: $40
                          Cousins: $12
                          Staff: $20
                          Others: $4

                          Last year my son got more than $300 in 2 days ..

                          I remember the days when i was still single and every bonus i can simply spend on stuff for myself .. sigh .. now our bonuses goes to everyone else ..
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                            This is the first CNY which I'm officially working. Am I expected to give a big ang pow to my parents and grandparents? I was thinking $250 each, then do I still need to give monthly allowance for Feb? I'll be bankrupt I think.

                            I haven't been opening my red packets for the past few years, so not sure how the statistics are like. Think I'll keep them in the packets again this year.

                            When I do give red packets, I think should give the younger kids (ie. primary to jc ones) more money because they are the ones who are not working and need money for going out. Those too young won't know how much you gave, and money probably doesn't matter that much to those post-jc.


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                              For my family, as long as the party did not get married, he/she still get ang pow.
                              For me, when i started working and stll single, i did not give ang pow to parent/grandparents but receive ang pow from them. Only when i got bonus, then i'll give my parents more on top the monthly allowance.

                              Now, i had just rom, but still not had my customary, my parents advised me no need to give ang pow to relatives and wait until the customary.