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  • Picasa

    Hi all!
    I have a burning question to ask all those gurus on Picasa.
    Why is it that my collage function always churn our collages that had all my pictures almost bursting out of the picture frame when my friends have theirs turn out nicely when we are all using the same program from the same version?

    A very good example is as follows:

    The following 2 collages are all made from 7 pictures but they look so different!

    Here's my friend's PICASA:

    And here's from MINE's PICASA:

    We've tried almost everything we can find on Picasa to click and read all the helps content on the Picasa web but couldnt find anything related to this problem.
    Clicking on the pictures on the collage only changes the sequence on how it is being displayed.

    Anyone knows how to solve this problem?

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    Have you tried pressing CTLR + click?


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      OMG cUp, as I press shift+collage key, it changes the layout of the pics!!!
      While CTRL+collage will change its sequence but not the layout...
      However, it still doesnt solve the size of the collages bursting out of the pic frame...
      But A BIG THANK YOU for me to learn sthing new!!!


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        oh yah, Your friend's collages is a tad picasa was deleted sometime back when i reformatted my comp..hehe perhaps some other girls here can help you solve this mystery?


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          Thanks cUp, for taking your precious time off to tell me the SHIFT + CTRL functions!!


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            Reviving this thread cos i need help too!!!

            ChanceuxS: my collages are messy too!!! when i tried your shift + collage key.. nothing happens though

            when im doing just 2 photos for my collage, it's a mess! my friend's face as well as mine are cropped off! and when i tried selecting one of the photos to be the background, i failed totally. my friend's friend can make one of her collage photos as the background.. i read the HELP page and everything... no avail!!


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              Ohhhh!!! i know what you mean by the SHIFT and CTRL key thingy!! i tried on my 2-photo collage.. no wonder nothing happens!


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                Anyone uses Picasa to link to their blog? Anyone knows how to change the colour of the picture border?