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Things to bring for students studying overseas

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  • Things to bring for students studying overseas

    Hey babes, I'll be heading there (UQ) for the feb intake. So I'm leaving in about 2 weeks time.

    I feel a bit emo these days but I know it's just a passing phase cuz I was and still am very excited about the trip. Just sometimes I feel, is it true? Am I dreaming? What am I doing? Lol.

    Just a few questions I really need to know. What do you intend to bring over? I am clueless. Have been trying to make small little lists on what I use everyday so it'll help me decide but still I feel I've missed out items. Can anyone like list out a few items that I might need when I'm there so I'll take note and not feel so lost? Lol.

    A few items I HAVE to buy/ bring:
    1) Contact Lens
    2) Backup CDs for programs in case anything happens to my laptop.
    3) Moisturiser (Compulsory for me)
    4) My hair dryer which straightens my hair too.
    5) Health products

    Anyone of you can continue the list. Even small little things count so don't be afraid to list things which you think might be ridiculous to some but important to you. (What YOU HAVE to bring other than things like clothes, shoes, books.)

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    Maybe you can also bring along a thermal flask as the trouble of having to buy bottles of distilled/mineral water...maybe instant noodles and a mini rice cooker(can cook noodles or warm food)too?That's what my sis and friends case they miss their meals at the hostel canteen.

    And also for some hostels,they do not provide casing for pillows or bedsheet...maybe you should check if your hostel will provide,more hygenic if you bring your own pillow casing/beedsheet too.
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      hi babe, congrats...

      okie from my experience, HTHs
      things to bring:
      1) Sleeping bag (buy one that is for spring temperature. cause this one can double up as a blanket and u can use it when u go travelling around Oz)
      2) Pillow case and bedsheet (hostel usually don't provide, plus it is ex to buy there)
      3) Deflatable pillow (some hostel, like the one i go to, does not have pillow as well. bring a travel pillow, then go buy the actual one when u settle down)
      4) Contacts lenses is a def. As a ref, the price in Perth IIRC is 6 months for AUD100plus for B&L.
      5) Cosmetics, skin care (every expensive over there)
      6) rice cooker (can use this to cook instant noodle, rice, green been soup, etc)
      7) must bring Converter plug(if this is what it is call) darn expensive there, coles selling at $10.

      things not that needed:
      1) kettle/boiler (buy this from coles/kmart when u are there, selling at $19.95 and since u will be using it for 2 years, so this price is okie but look out for promotions, you might be able to get it for $9.95 at kmart)

      visit, and see see look look.. so you can compare the prices..

      this is all i can think of now.. will add somemore later...if i can think of any..


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        I was like u last time...i studied in Monash University 2 yrs back.
        1) bring yr stationary like foolscap paper, pens, pencils, rulers.. (the stationary there is very exp! and the foolscap paper is funny looking)
        2) if u can cook, bring some herbs for cooking soups. something like dried scallops, dried mushrooms. I brought along my favourite ABC brand chilli sauce..coz' this can't be found in Aussie supermarkets.
        3) yr own medications. vitamin pills/supplements in aussie is no need to bring so much from sg
        4) yr favourite pillow from that u you won't miss home so much...can sleep better.
        5) cosmetics/skin care (in aussie is very exp)


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          Haha! OMG!

          My parents love ABC Chilli Sauce but I'm more of a chilli padi person.. Can I smuggle a chilli padi seed in to plant? I cannot live without chilli padi! Do they sell it in the super markets there?

          I was thinking of buying Nivea Makeup remover there. Or should I buy it here n bring over?


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            u can bring one bottle Nivea make up remover to aussie. when it finishes, u can buy new ones there. aussie sells nivea stuff in supermarkets. pricewise more less the same.


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              hi everyone!

              wanna borrow this thread to ask you ladies what should i buy for my best friend who is leaving for aust soon? i know cosmetics and skincare is exp over there but i'm not sure what she uses so what if i bought wrongly? anything other ideas for gifts? Thanks a lot!


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                oh one more qns:

                I know it's quite dumb but I'm really curious..

                Is there Nissin Cup noodles over there? Hahahaha.. =x


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                  <3 if you lack anything, i will use Singpost to mail to you


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                    i am not sure if they have this brand Nissin there..
                    i am sure chinatown sells asian grocery including instant noodles.
                    most students i know buy a carton of instant noodles...from chinatown.. it is cheaper to buy than buy from supermarkets like coles, woolworths..etc
                    instant noodles are must have for suppers or quick meals..
                    during exams time, no time to cook, so instant noodles come handy.
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                      i don't remember seeing Nissin. But there is plenty of Chu Qian Yi Ding and Mee Goreng.. =)


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                        there is nissin cup noodles in australia if i am not wrong

                        note: if u bring food of any sort, you will have to declare it.

                        best option is to put the food in one box so the customs doesnt have to go thru your luggage.


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                          these are some of the stuff i brought over:

                          1) toiletries or hair product that you cant find in aussie
                          2) cosmetic and skincare - lip balm, facial sun screen etc.
                          3) moisturiser is a must as the air quite dry
                          4) my fav soft toy! (really impt as its my 'companion' somehow...heehe)
                          5) sanitary pad (you might wanna bring some over for in case as the brands in aussie very diff from singapore...)
                          6) hair straightener (you can buy there though)

                          its inevitable to be worried that you might forget some things to bring over...but you can get your family to send over to you...will just take a week or so to reach you...
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                            MUST BRING:
                            Contact lens stuff
                            mini rice cooker (if you have space)
                            Textbooks (much cheaper in sg)
                            Stationery (pens, writing pads etc are expensive)
                            Makeup (esp asian brands. expensive too. but then again you are there to study rite? hehehehe.....)

                            Not really necc
                            Toiletries - Oz has a v good range. maybe bring just 1 months supply until you get used. i loved the Garnier Fresh range there. cheap and good (and different from the SG version in case you were wondering)
                            Sanitary stuff - again, bring just a bit until you find substitutes. i find the oz pads quite good actually!

                            chili plants can't really survive brizzy winter.. but you can buy chili from the supermarket. go try habenero chili. it's orange and looks harmless but it's HEAPS more potent than chili padi. :D


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                              - opps, posted in wrong thread, sorry! -
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