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Favourite pictures of your precious ones

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  • Favourite pictures of your precious ones

    Hi Mommies

    It could be that I'm a new mother and missing my little one when at work; but I'm finding myself looking and smiling at parents and babies around me

    Thought it'll be nice to start a thread where everyone can share your favourite pictures of your babies and precious ones. Here are 2 of my favourite ones to date. I'm definitely running off to get Daniel's pictures professionally taken once he's old enough!

    1+ months old

    2 months old, first time in the baby bouncer

    3 months old, smiling in his sleep
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    Cool & fun thread!

    Here are mine

    decorate me
    little auntie


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      Soo cute!! some of my monster's piX
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        Some pics of my 2 precious daughters, Claudia and Lauren ---


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          kristalangel, I love your little one's hair! She's so so so adorable!


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            Hi, Kristalangel! i Love her hair as well.... so cuteeee......


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              Is she of mixed blood?? She's so so so adorable! And that smile! She's Lauren? Your elder doesnt look 100% Chinese as well .. pretty girls you have!!!


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                Thanks everyone .. yes, they are both mixed ... I am Eurasian ... my husband is Chinese-Sri Lankan ... and my mom is Malay .. so they kinda have everything ... yes, the younger one is Lauren ... When Claudia was a baby she looked more Chinese and lots of people thought we had adopted her from china or something cos she didn't look anything like us .. Now that she's older you can see that she's Daddy's girl in terms of looks ... although she's fairer.

                Just went for my ultrasound scan today .. we're having another girl my husband is resigned ... he knows he's outnumbered ... he claims he'll die young cos he'll be worrying about boyfriends etc for YET ANOTHER girl now ...

                Friends have told him that we can try again for a boy since we're only 32 ... but we haven't decided whether we want to have FOUR kids !!!! That'll be a handful !
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                  kristalangel, Lauren's hair is too cute. I hope my little girl will have a full head of hair soon.

                  Here's my favourite pics of my darling.

                  and with me. I love this picture.


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                    sannie: Oooh.. i just finished reading your blog. I think motherhood is really amazing... Your little darling has a really pretty and meaningful name


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                      heeheee...such a lovely thread

                      some recent pictures of my darling:


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                        Hey Sannie ... your lil' darling is cute ! I'm sure she'll have a full head of hair soon ... but in the meantime, she looks adorable like this


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                          kristalangel : So cute. One with straight hair and the other with curly hair. If I have a girl, I hope her hair will be like Lauren.

                          Sannie : Your baby is so adorable!

                          cc-lia : Yr boy have such big and adorable eyes!

                          Here's my contribution: -

                          1 day old. He weighed 4kg!!

                          4mth old. My Mum just shaved him bo-tak

                          Chinese New Year. 7mth old.

                          Cannot remember how old.


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                            Everyone's baby is soooo cute!!!

                            Kristalangel: Lurve Lauren's hair! But so sad, even if I have a girl, no chance of having curls coz my hair and hubby's hair are way too straight sigh.

                            Sannie: Lurve the picture of you and baby together. She looks like she's saying "Yippee" in the pic ha.

                            cc-lia: Yr boy has gorgeous eyes!

                            Cindy: His toothy grin sure makes people smile in response.
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                              Hi sannie, you looked so young I didn't think you were already a mother.
                              How old is your baby?
                              She's such a darling!