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  • toots Hi dear,

    Please please go to the doctor before it get worst.
    Treat it before spreading.

    Do update us yah, take care !


    • actualli shld stop intercourse. cos maybe is ur bf who has it, then when u see doc, ok already, then intercourse, he pass to u again. i dunno how to explain in details but but stop first.


      • any one knows where to go for checkup?
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        • Originally posted by myfurtive View Post
          hi girls, hope you can help here.

          3 weeks ago i felt tingling sensation in my vagina, i thought it was UTI so i went to the pharmacy to get some cranberry pills.
          however it didnt help a single bit, so i went to the doctor a few days ago and tested my urine for UTI, it came out negative and doctor told me my urine was pretty clean. it is actually the itching that makes me thinking that i need to urine very frequently.

          she went on to check inside and found the inside of the entrace of my vagina skin to have small little bumps. this is the cause of my itching. but then, she said that it is some viral infection but no treatments are needed and it is not serious.

          i'm having regular sex with my SO, so she said sex was the cause of it. recently, i found my SO to have the same problem as me, itching down there but not sure whether he is having small bumps.
          i'm dying to know what is it actually and when will it go away.
          i do not have any smelly discharge nor any funny colour.
          it is bugging me for 3 weeks and my SO for 2 weeks already! help please!
          hmm if the doctor cannot help you.. I dont think we could offer any useful advice. I suggest if the problem persist and the doctor still cannot find out whats wrong.. you should get that guy to go for a checkup. If the root of the cause is with that guy than they might find a cure for you... I am thinking if you could ask your doctor whether anti-bio could help curb the germs from causing the problem.


          • Originally posted by toots View Post
            my vagina is itchy and having green, fishy smelling discharge for almost a month. i have been to the same gynae twice and was precribed some med i cannot remember what exactly. it went away for few days and eventually came back again and and persisited on.
            i don't feel like going back to the gynae who can't treat my condition.
            Is this common? and i think i might have passed my infection on to my SO through intercourse, his penis now itch and pulling foreskin is painful.
            any advise?
            i suggest you go to DSC clinic, it's the STI clinic of the national skin centre. the clinic's equipped with a lab so if the doctor suspects something, the lab tests can be ordered right away. be prepared to wait though.. best to make an apt. it'll probably be better than the brush off your gynae's giving you!


            • ive been reading through most of the replies here.
              i have been experiencing similar symptoms.

              whitish yellow discharge.
              foul smell.
              slight itching.

              anyone has a doc to recommend?
              bcos so far, i went to 2 doctors however they told me its normal.
              but it still smells very foul and i feel rather disgusted by it.

              please do recommend me a gynae/doc.



              • you can do a swop test (not pap smear). It will help to determine the cause of the problem. Seems like you are having candidia yeast; but it is always best to see a gynae instead of GP.


                • U can visit Dr Mary Rouff at NUH. She is good.. She cure my problem.. I stop suffering... Are u taking any antibiotics.. it could be the cause of that as it disturb ur PH level.


                  • hi...

                    i;m new here... thanks for sharing these information too...

                    i wanna share my exp too... went to see doc too and was told that discharge is normal and all of us do get it.. it helps to keep our Vaginal "moist" however, we should be careful when it becomes abnormal..

                    this is where i panic and i ask.. what you mean by ABNORMAL???!!!!!... well if the discharge is thick and change color... (normal if a bit of yellowish or greenish) but it should not be itchy or curdy or frothy. if curdy and frothy, then it means there are infections... and can be very serious..

                    my Gynae said, it does have some smell cos of the food we eat but it is not to the extend that you cannot bear.. like sometimes when we dont drink enough water, our urine is darker in yellow and have some smell right.. anyway... doctor said... we should know our body and if we suspect..something is wrong... go and see them...

                    well.. back to my case, doc said it is highly due to the stress i was in at that time as well as i was taking some antibiotic.. cos this kills all the good and bad bacteria, so we leave our body open to infection.. so she advice, normally antibiotic is only for a short period, but we too need to make sure we take care but changing our pads or liners as often as possible as well as stop using tight undies... it is okay not to wear when you sleep so you give your vagina some room to breath at night... and of course she reco me to wash with mild and natural feminine hygiene wash...

                    so, if you are really not comfy with your discharge, see a gynae... lately i also experience an unsual thickness of my discharge... hmmm.. damn... need set another appointment and talk to her...


                    • Originally posted by Kitara View Post
                      U can visit Dr Mary Rouff at NUH. She is good.. She cure my problem.. I stop suffering... Are u taking any antibiotics.. it could be the cause of that as it disturb ur PH level.
                      Hi Kitara, Just to check, how much did you paid for the visit to her?


                      • Hello girls!

                        I have a problem

                        The private part area just below my belly button is itchying

                        The part where the so called 'hair' is.

                        LOL! So sorry for my terms used. Haha i don't know the exact name.

                        I thought of going for brazilian wax before, but i dont know is it the 'hair' is causing the problem or it is fungal infection

                        Is this called fungal infection or something else?

                        Can someone help me?

                        Thanks =)


                        • Hi ,

                          Can i check if we can just go to a neighbour hood clinic ?
                          Please help !


                          • Look for Dr Mary Raouf NUH women clinic..

                            Hi All

                            I suffer for 2 years... Now i am fully well..

                            It was cause my anti biotics.. Now i avoid taking any antibiotics even i have flu. i will not take them.

                            Please treat early..

                            It is suffering and emotional disturbance


                            • Quite ex but i only visit her two or three time and my illness is cure till.. now or then if i get some discharge due to antibiotics i have when i got flu.. i will get medication that mary gave to me and it cure..

                              Medication is cheap but consultation for the first time is 115 i gues.. i think it is worth it because i have visit many doctor! Be it moden doctor, chinese medication, indonese medication, avoid yeast food, ate 20 over vitamins.. Nothing cure forever..

                              I suggest, we should not let this painful experience to ruin our day.. i been through and it is pAIN!


                              • My whole knickes will be wet.. it is like my vagina was vomitting white cotton! it was terrible and i was soo depress..

                                Now i am ok.. after 5 tablet given by doctor Mary Rouff