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  • See a doctor, definitely

    If you keep getting infections, it is a MUST to go to the doctor's! I keep having fishy smell because of infections and it will go away after awhile but it keeps coming back. This affected my sex life so I finally decided to get a prescription. Wanted to go to a gynae but the gynae said it was not necessary I can just go to a normal GP to save money. Only about 40 bucks for antibiotics and anti-fugal cream. Don't be afraid to see a doctor, it is common for ladies especially if you're sexually active.


    • I went to my GP this morning - possible yeast infection and oil cyst (2 small one on each side of the outer labia). I was advised to leave the oil cyst (not to do anything for it) and the other alternative is to opt for minor surgery. The oil cyst is actually bothering me during my menses (have to use tampon on heavier days) but will minor surgery be 'too serious"? Are there any other ways to cure it?


      • Originally posted by lifelifelife View Post
        If you keep getting infections, it is a MUST to go to the doctor's! I keep having fishy smell because of infections and it will go away after awhile but it keeps coming back. This affected my sex life so I finally decided to get a prescription. Wanted to go to a gynae but the gynae said it was not necessary I can just go to a normal GP to save money. Only about 40 bucks for antibiotics and anti-fugal cream. Don't be afraid to see a doctor, it is common for ladies especially if you're sexually active.
        I happen to have the same problem with you recently. Oh my, this is so irritating and indeed it affected my s** life with my hubby. He gave me the weird face and i feel super embarrass. I think i need to see a doctor this few days and I really can't stand the smell.


        • Reduce the cause of Vaginal Infection

          Dear Ladies,

          Yes I agree that we MUST see a doc if we have feel itchy or hv rashes and so on..

          But on the other hand, I would like to introduce Anion Sanitary Napkin to ALL LADIES, especially to those who have Vagina Infections or who is extra sensitivity..

          This is the best Sanitary Napkin which I have ever tried.

          In the past I used to rashes, inflammation or itch especially during my period, after long hrs of wearing pads..

          And when I do not have my period, I tend to hv a lot of white discharge due to my drinking habits of cold drinks, and it is very smelly.. Therefore I always visit my GP to get medications for my itch or rash.. but the problem keeps coming back..

          Then one day I share this personal problem with one of my close gf, then she introduce me to using Anion Sanitary Napkin.

          In the past, I cannot wear panty liner on an everyday basis, cos I will hv rashes or itch aft long hrs of wearing pads.. but with Anion Sanitary Napkin, I'm wearing it everyday and I do NOT get rash or itch anymore, furthermore, I do NOT hv the white discharge anymore.. but only aft abt 2 mths of wearing the panty liner (everyday) then I see the improvement..

          If you are interested to know more.. u can PM me, I can share into more details with u..


          • Some advice to the young girls here - from a older sister

            I have read through the entire thread and I am concerned that some girls are obviously describing what is clearly an STD and not a simple yeast infection or UTI, but it seems to me that they are naively clueless! Even though this thread is so long, not a single person here has exposed what I am about to expose, or written what I am about to write, so I have decided to take the trouble to register in this forum just to make this one single post, to educate and enlighten all the young girls here about what their SOs are really getting up to behind their backs, and to tell all the young girls here not to be naive, to think that all this itchiness and mysterious discharges and what-nots is all your own fault, because It isn't. And I am about to tell you why.

            I am about to enlighten you on what your seemingly 'faithful' SO may really be up to behind your back, that may be contributing to all these mysterious troubles down south of your body.

            First of all, what makes you think your SO is having sex with only you and you alone? Girls, don't be naive and think that your man is faithful to you. For all you know, he could be visiting sleazy massage parlours behind your back and bringing something back to you. In fact, over the years, there has been a very steady increase in the number of visitors to a website called 'Sammyboy'. For the clueless, 'Sammyboy' is a very well-known website to Singaporean guys who go there to find out where they can locate 'Health Centers'(aka 'sleazy massage parlours') and 'FLs'(freelancers - aka 'prostitutes') in Singapore.

            Some of you may say, "Oh, but my SO is very scholarly-looking and a decent-looking guy who looks more like a nerd than someone who will do such things behind my back". My dear...let me tell you something - you can't be more wrong. You will be very surprised by the kind of nerdy-looking guys who actually pay for sex at such 'Health Centers', believe you me.

            With a burgeoning industry of 'Health Centers' and night-life entertainment in Singapore, guys are now more promiscuous than you give them credit for.

            That's why...girls, you must not be so naive, and take it for granted that the only person that your SO is having sex with, is you. Because in some cases, he may be eating 'exotic dishes' outside, and bringing the filth back home to you. And there you are, at home, the ever-faithful girlfriend/wife, blissfully and naively ignorant about his sexual escapades outside.

            If you were to take a look at the kind of things that Singaporean men are saying in the 'Sammyboy' forums, where they write truthfully about their sexual outings to 'Health Centers' and 'FL' sessions, thinking that their girlfriends and wives at home are non the wiser, you will literally get a shock of your life - what guys can really get up to behind your back. It doesn't matter even if you are already married to him!

            Even if your SO is not having promiscuous sex behind your back, there is another thing that I must say to all the girls here - NEVER allow your SO to insert his fingers into your vagina or to touch your genitals WITHOUT FIRST HAVING HIM WASH HIS HANDS. This is very important. Guys can be very unhygienic without they themselves realising it.

            They could have touched a thousand different things throughout the course of the day, and God knows what fungi/bacteria his fingers would have picked up from all the various surfaces that his hands have come into contact with(lift buttons/supermarket trolleys/toilet door handles, etc). Or he could have masturbated himself without first washing his hands after touching all those things that I mentioned above, and then later on, have sex with you, and whatever fungi/bacteria that was on his penis from his contaminated hands during his earlier masturbation session, gets passed on to you when his penis enters your vagina.

            The same applies to girls too. ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST before you put your finger into your vagina, for whatever reason. And ALWAYS WASH YOUR SEX TOYS BEFORE USING.

            Do you understand the importance of what I have said so far?

            I have shared some very important information that I feel must be made known to more young girls, especially the clueless ones among you, who seem to have such a naively rosy view of the world and your SO.

            Your SO may not be really as pure and innocent as you think he is.

            And even if he really is innocent and pure, his personal hygiene level could leave much to be desired.

            You have been warned.
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            • Go to the doctor and did as he advised.
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              • How to Treat a Vaginal Infection -
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                • Is there a clinic that takes vagina discharge sample, and go through laboratory tests if its yeast infection or some other bacterial infection? Does polyclinic have this?

                  Some GP will deduce based on how you describe the colour, smell, type of pain. Also even if the dr takes a look at the vagina area, how accurate is the diagnosis based on colour? I mean, diff woman has diff colour and smell of discharge. Isn't lab test most accurate (if any?)



                  • i found site relocated to


                    • hi all,

                      been experiencing extra discharge for a couple of weeks now. been really stressed and busy at work, but less so now, so i'm looking to see a doc to fix my problems. will seeing a GP be good enough? feels troublesome to fix appt with gynae. please advise if possible.



                      • Regular consumption of yoghurt (make sure that there are 3-4 good bacteria in it), diluted organic apple cider vinegar (only the organic ACV will work) helps! Try to look up for natural/holistic alternatives, this will really help your body in the long run.

                        You can look up for more information about how these 2 may help yeast infection...for the yoghurt, there is a particular bacteria one should look out for to prevent yeast infection, I think it should be acidophilus(?). Try looking up on Yahoo or Google. Both the yoghurt and Organic Applecidervinegar ain't expensive at all, especially the ACV.


                        • Hi

                          I used to suffer from frequent vaginal infection.
                          I went for a holistic consultation early this year. Since the treatment, I have not had a single vaginal infection.

                          You may read the treatment and my feedbacks @ my BLOG

                          P.S. If you are looking for lady doctor, can go to Medica situated at Hougang Avenue 8.


                          • The good news is, natural yogurt contains living microorganisms in it which includes the solid and able acidophilus bacterium. Unsweetened yogurt can be applied in a range of ways. Natural yogurt mixed with water is an efficient douching solution.

                            It may also be instantly spread on the impacted area or put in the vaginal tract with the use of a tampon. At the same time, the cotton tampon can also be dropped in a 3 percent solution of potassium sorbate and placed over night in the vagina. Potassium sorbate can be acquired from stores which manufacture wine.

                            Canada pharmacy


                            • For those whose conditions are serious, please see doc immediately. For mild ones, you could give this a try >> Lacto-Berry <<
                              It was introduced by my friend who recommended me to take one-time 2 sachets; 3 times a day. After taking a month or so, my condition began to be better and gradually recover and I'm still consuming it becos of its pleasantly sweet taste; combination of cranberry, raspberry and blueberry.

                              "With 80%~90% of the urinary tract infection attributed to E. Coli, this special extract of Cranberry from Lacto-Berry is exceptional in preventing E. Coli from adhering onto the urinary tract, hence keeping infections at bay." extracted from --> got my box from this web.


                              • "Vaginitis" is a medical term used to describe various conditions that cause infection or inflammation of the vagina. Vulvovaginitis refers to inflammation of both the vagina and vulva (the external female genitals). These conditions can result from a vaginal yeast infection caused by organisms such as bacteria, yeast, or viruses, as well as by irritations from chemicals in creams, sprays, or even clothing that is in contact with this area. In some cases, vaginitis results from organisms that are passed between sexual partners.
                                The symptoms of a vaginal infection can vary depending on what is causing it. Some women have no symptoms at all. Some of the more common symptoms of vaginitis include:
                                Abnormal vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor.
                                Burning during urination.
                                Itching around the outside of the vagina.
                                Discomfort during intercourse.