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Do you think it's justifiable for SMRT to increase fare price ?

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  • Do you think it's justifiable for SMRT to increase fare price ?

    SMRT is going to increase price !
    do you think they should ???

    personally i do not think they should and strongly against it. i am preparing to write to ST forum soon... reasons being
    1) with the recent 24 July breakdown, causing so much inconvenience to the passengers & commuters, they should compensate the us and not increase the fare price !!

    2) LTA is going to fine SMRT for the breakdown, but where does the money goes? and where does the money come from ? it goes to government, and it comes from us...
    again, who are the ones suffering the inconvenience? it is not the government right? it is us !!
    doesn't it sound irrational and ridiculous ???

    3) on what basis /logic/rational that they increase price ?
    because diesel oil price increase? but MRT runs on electricity ....

    4) for me, i need to take translink mrt to outram and change to north east line....
    i am charged double, just because they are different MRT companies....
    but to us, it means the same - MRT, a mean of transport , isn't it ?
    so, hasn't this double-charging already sufficient? why must they still increase price ????

    5) now government is focusing on GEMs,...SMRT increase price, so is service going to improve too? by playing more announcement to ask us to beware of suspicious articles etc means good service? i wish they can just cut down on this, we are not idiots. why they just cannot increase the frequency and shorten the waiting time ???

    The poll is expired.

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    during the morning peak period, every train that goes to town is packed to the brim..
    during the evening peak period, every train that arrives at city hall is also packed to the brim..
    during non-peak period, the wating time can be as long as 10mins...

    they pack us like sardines in the carriage, leaving us to smell the hairs or underarms of other passengers..
    in fact the air is soo stale..sometimes the train is sooo warm, u wonder whether the air con is even working..
    i am willing to pay for good service..
    but in this case, i am not even given sufficient standing room to feel comfortable.. much less getting a seat..
    their policy is to squeeze as many people as possible in each train to maximise the returns per train trip..
    by increasing the fares... it will only serve to fatten their pockets..
    was there an improvement in service after the last round of increase in fare?.. noooo..
    so i seriously doubt that the next round of increment will benefit us in any way..

    and yeah...
    based on the consolidated profit and loss statement as at 31 March 2006, the group's accounting profit was $124,071,000, (note that its profit and not sales!)
    looking at their huge profits..
    whatever reasons they give still cant justify their need to increase their profits..
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      Unless they prove to be efficient, shorten the waiting time during peak hours. I hate trains that are so packed and yet people are rushing in eagerly . And they must know that shorten the waiting time, doesn't mean that the train operator needs to close the door that eagerly and in the end cause people being almost hurt.

      Their service must be improved before i find myself willingly to pay more for good and efficient service.


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        Obviously NO! I still see dirty window panels, cockroaches, dusty seats on buses (TIBS, SBS)

        not forgetting that SMRT even dare to 'eat' my 20cents, citing that its the system problem! WTF!
        ie, I want to go to City Hall but the stupid touch on screen keep on appearing as Some other place and requires additional 20cents. So I paid after trying for > 4x. When I reached city hall i was told that there is 'nothing' they can do about it. Nothing that they can do with the screw up system? So now, its my fault that their system is lousy?!? Crap. Its not a matter of 20cents is small amount. Imagine if i dont have enough $ to travel, will SMRT let me go in because i lack of 20cents?!?

        and the stupid fines..... so even if they are fined 1 billion, what is it going to benefit us?!?! its also benefiting the government! Its not the common, normal commuters.


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          No. It is expensive enough.

          Not being able to keep the transport clean. yucks!


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            I don't think they even plan to increase the frequency of the trains. I remember watching on tv and a guy from SMRT was saying there should be a distance between trains for safety reasons. So it means that we have to squeeze no matter what, then why the fare increase?

            Sometimes i wish that Singapore is like jakarta, any unhapiness will be voiced out by the citizens.


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              NO unless they increase the frequency of buses. during peak hours in the morning, i still have to wait around 10-15 mins if i miss the bus....please do not compare us with Australia or other western countries where the waiting time can be around 30 mins, people there do not rely heavily on public transport, they drive.


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                their service sux to the max! but of course they have tons of lame excuses to cover their flaws.
                we have to wait 7 mins or 10 for just a train! i called that inefficient and not to forget that many times the train would experience disruption thus causing commuters to be late for work or school


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                  I really hope they can do something with the loos in MRT stations. With the exception of the one at dhouby ghaut, all the rest are really bad! How can a "world class" tranportation system come with a third class toliet?


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                    I usually take buses when I am going out and I hate it when the bus company reuses some of those VERY VERY old buses. Its ridiculous!!! The bus service no I took is a very popular line so many people take it every morning till each bus is kind of packed! They simply throw those old bus fleet in this line with faulty air con, NOISY engine and bad smell!!!!


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                      I stay along the NEL and I seldom take SBS buses these days because they cut off most buses going to town/city after the NEL is completed.

                      But for the few rare occasions that i do take the bus, i find most of them to have faulty or lousy aircon and ventilating facilities. Which never fails to make me feel so stuffy and even nauseas at times. If they want to increase the fare, then at least improve their quality of service !!


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                        Are we paying for their service or to cover their lose? If paying for their service then I disagree. MRT service has never improved especially with the recent breakdown.


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                            We already saw this coming before the election took place! So for those who voted for the Pay and Pay then, I don't see any justifications for complaints....


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                              I am not sure if anyone noticed but the tv in the mrt are all advertisments? Are we paying for the tv in the first place ?
                              I find that it is also very unfair that many bus services are either cancelled or changed routes just because there is the NEL. What if the train decided to breakdown in, eg, Serangoon? It happened some time back. The train broke down and I need to rush for work in town area. No buses available, no cabs available, end up have to call for a cab. Somemore, late for work. I was so pissed off, I wrote in to tell them off. They have no contingency plans at all at that time. The staff did not inform the people waiting but instead just telling people to wait. They did finally agreed to compensate my fare by offering a ezlink card(i think some special collection) but I did not go and collect it..... Luckily this time round, at least they did something