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  • Pregnancy Woes

    Hi to all moms/moms to be , any pregnancy discomforts during the first tremester and suggestions as to how to alleviate them?

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    there are not much discomfort for me during first few mth of pregnancy... only tired.... i need to sleep a lot.... my hubby said i was like a pig during that time.... after work, i need to take a nap for 30 minutes to 1 hr b4 i went for my shower.... horrible, rite???

    other than that, i was quite ok... just didn;t have appetite to eat anything.... i have to share my dinner with my husband as i couldn;t finish whole meal.... my weight dropped by 3 kgs during the first three mths....


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      I was extremely tired too -- I could sleep twelve hours continuously and then some! Only remedy for that is sleep and more sleep, unfortunately.

      Also had day-long nausea for a couple of weeks, then it gradually tapered off. Commonly-suggested nausea cures would be ginger (tea/candied), dry toast/crackers, sniffing a lemon, having a light snack before getting out of bed, making sure you always have healthy snacks at hand so your blood sugar levels don't dip too low. Plenty of remedies on the internet. But the one that worked best for me was coconut juice!


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        Am only 2 months preggie, the amount of weight I've put on is simply atrocious. Managed to put on 2.5 kgs within 10 days! Nauseous all the time but my food cravings are so much stronger. As night falls, things become worse as my mood swings creep in and I start becoming this grouch. Arg... its getting so frustrating and I dont go out anymore. Cant help feeling this way but dont want to either....


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          Tell yourself it will soon pass and for most people it does get better in the 2nd trimester!


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            Hi ladies, i am 7 weeks pregnancy. Wanna ask all of you if you encounter brown discharge or bleeding before the 3 months ? Mine i hv it but is *** on & off (sometimes only) Do you all have stomach pain also, is it normal. And i feel like vomitting after the meal too.

            What is the do and don't when expecting, example can we shave our eyebrows etc....

            Sorri for the above questions and hope to get all your reply.

            Thanks very much.


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              Pregnancy discomforts

              your symptom just like my gal friend, refer the case to your doctor and he might give u medicine to stabilize the baby. Try not to move around during your early stage


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                Feeling nauseous is normal although not every one gets it. But, bleeding is NOT normal. As for stomach pain, if they are cramps, it's NOT normal. Please alert your doctor. After a checkup, your doctor might tell you it's OK afterall but you MUST see you doctor; better safe than sorry.

                Shaving eye brows?? Sure, shave all your want!


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                  I am into my 7 weeks of pregnancy too. Been feeling nausea most of the time...appetite hasn't been really good too. I hv slight adominal cramps too. My gynae has told me this is normal due to the expansion of the womb. If you have severe stomache cramps or bleeding, pls go to a gynae quickly.


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                    If you feel nausea, eat some dry biscuit crackers or sour stuffs like drink your plain water with some lemon. Do help to perk you up, it's normal to lose weight during your 1st trimester. Then after that, wooho you'll start to ballon man. Now i already put on a total of 8kg, now i'm that don't put on so much for my next 18 weeks.


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                      If you have brown discharge, it's better to go see a gynae if you have not done so. I had the same problem and my gynae recommend me to have daily injection for 2 weeks to strengthen the womb and refrain the body from rejecting the foetus.


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                        Hi Ladies

                        thanks for your reply. i have seen the doc, she mentioned to ignore it if is abit unless serve bleeding. As for stomach discomfort, am getting better now.

                        So lets continue to stay happy and healthy for our baby


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                          Hi to all,

                          Is it normal to have stomach upsets during the first trimester? I seem to be having stomach upsets for 3 consecutive mornings. It's those kind of stomache that makes you feel like going to the loo. Is this considered cramps as well?


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                            Monitor your condition for a few more days and if you feel very uncomfortable, consult yr gynae asap. Cramps during pregnancy should not make you wanna go to the loo. I was told real cramps should be something like menstrual cramps. For your case, it could really be a genuine stomachache and your body kinda clearing the system to make way for the baby .

                            I had at least 3 bouts of diarrhoea throughout my pregnancy accompanied by mild stomachaches man!


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                              I have stomach pain almost every morning too. There was once the pain is so great that I thought something bad is going to happen. I rushed to gynae immediately. After a scan, the gynae told me baby is ok and stomachache could be due to wrong food consumption. Think we are prone to stomachache and cramps in the first trimester due to bloatedness and expansion of the uterus. As long as u do not hv spotting, should be ok.