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New Disturbance in Air Travel

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  • New Disturbance in Air Travel

    can someone share their recent air travel experience?

    if we can't bring hp n books on air, then won't we be very bored travelling long distance?

    n i read that we can't buy duty free stuff. real or not??

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    heard that too...

    there goes my Uzap from duty free shop.


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      How come we can't???!?!?!


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        I believe the restrictions are only for travel to and from US and UK airports?


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          Yes, I believe the restrictions only apply for flights to/from US & UK. There's an article about what you can/can't bring in The Straits Times on Sat/Sun (I can't remember). Do check it out.


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            Yup, in fact I think this is big news! The restrictions are for UK-bound flights only 'cause over in UK, they just found out the terrorists' plans to blow up planes flying from UK to US. No electronic devices like laptops are allowed on flights. All liquids (lotions, drinking water, medicine, etc) are not allowed in carry-on baggages. You can only keep them in check-in luggages. Otherwise, they will be confiscated and thrown away. In fact, in UK, no carry-on baggages are allowed at all. Any other things that you must carry along with you like personal documents are to be put inside clear plastic bags. And if you purchase any drinks after check-in, you will have to consume immediately 'cause you can't bring them onboard the plane.

            News article -

            More info -

            Other than UK flights, I think everything else is per normal.


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              yup US & UK flights only, this is the list of new prohibited items:


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                i think other countried are also practising this.

                like japan also have their own rules.

                aussie also. n furthermore, i heard aussie wanna implement this even after this warning as a permanent security feature.

                i just want my book n hp with me. that's all i ask. n lip balm for my dry lips. hehehe...


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                  There will be more changes...

                  More changes are underway.

                  I dont think the "strict" restrictions will last long. In UK, there are already calls to do it more efficiently.

                  I think you got to check the particular airline that you are travelling to.


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                    hiya, anyone knows what's SQ policy for US bound flights now? am travelling there in late oct.


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                      Most liquids, creams and gels are not allowed, save for saline (up to 4 oz) and liquid prescription medicine.

                      Electronic devices like laptops, cameras and handphones are ok.

                      U can refer to this for more info


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                        The world has become so complicated. And it's all the terrorists' fault.

                        I travel so very frequently and these disturbance due to tighter security has affected millions and millions of people. It used to be a good thing for locals of countries hosting big global events, but now it's like a burden.

                        Don't have to mention the Germany World Cup or other recent events, just look at our current IMF meetings at Suntec City. Roads are blocked, people/cars have to make detours, businesses are affected, security staff have to work extra hours etc.

                        This world had not become better place to live in, it had become a more diffcult place to live in.

                        There will never be peace again. A new kind of war had began. We are moving backwards.


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                          thanks chiyochan, i can only pray the rules are more relaxed by then
                          can't live without my skincare items on board!


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                            heh, solid make-up is ok.

                            The no mouthwash, toothpaste and gel lipbalms rules seem kind of harsh to me. i just dun wanna end up with cracked lips n stinky breath after a flight. Is it really that tough?


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                              Was wondering if any girls ever tried buying duty free fragrances and brought them up onboard the flights? Since there's this restriction on the types of liquids being brought on flight, I wondered if this might affect the duty free items thanks!