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    Hi katrina,

    The food expenses depends on what type of food you intend to take. During my confinement, my confinemet lady brewed lots of herbal soup and i had fish for every meal. and chicken soup for supper Hubby spent about $300 each week during the marketing trips.

    Hiring a confinement lady cost about $1600 to $1800. Just my opinion, i would prefer engaging a CL instead of getting your MIL to do it. At least i can get the CL to do things for me since i'm paying here whereas it's difficult to ask my MIL. It really depends on your relationship with your MIL. I didn't regret hiring a CL and was lucky to find one that is very experienced and i've learnt lots from her.


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      thanks keiko, i'll take your opinion into consideration too....
      could you provide me your confinmment lady's contact ??? I'm also at [email protected]


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        My confinement lady is from Ipoh Malaysia. But she just got her Singapore PR citizenship, so no need to apply work permit. Didn't need to call Malaysia to enage her because her sister-in-law who stay in Singapore will do all the callings and coordination work.

        For marketing, my hubby will drive her to the market once a week. If you have something you want to eat, just tell her, she'll cook for you. Apart from taking care of baby and me, she also do all the housework (even cook for my parents when they come to visit us and clean up my house on her last day), washing, cooking etc...


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          Confinement Lady

          Hi yaroopig, sound like your confinement lady is nice. Do u mind if u could pm me her contact detail? Many thanks


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            Saw an ad in newspapers:

            Dirty Milk Bottles!
            Soiled Nappies!
            Household Chores!

            These are the last things you should worry about after child birth!

            Experience the joys of motherhood with a NTUC Income InfantCare Assistant. The trained InfantCare Assistant will assist you with BOTH baby care and domestic cleaning. Priced from $18 per hour.

            24-Hr Hotline: 6788 8788
            e-mail: [email protected]
            Visit: or


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              I'm still looking for one. The lady that my friend recommended is already booked ages ago.


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                This CL I'm talking to told me that she doesn't do housework unless we pay her more on top of the $1800 that she's asking. She also asks for two Ang Pows (In and Out) and a deposit of $200.

                Any other thing that I should look out for when "negotiating" with her? I just wanna lay down everything before confirming her. My friend advised me that CL will tell you she needs to rest at certain hours and you're not to 'disturb' her during those hours. She's the only CL who I know is not booked during Dec. Three already rejected. So I am pretty anxious about it.


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                  Hmm... she's a bit calculative right?
                  For $1800, mine did some cleaning, like using magic clean to wipe the floor, cos i've got a part-time cleaner. Ang pows are the usual, the 1st one can be a token about like $28 and the final one really depends on how satisfied you are with her service.

                  Babies can get cranky at any hour so it may be quite hard on you if she insist on resting on certain hours. There were times where my baby didn't want to sleep in the afternoon and carried him and only took her lunch much later. Her priority is the mother and baby's well-being.

                  Other points when "negotiating" with her
                  1. Does she do the marketing on her own or would she prefer your hubby to follow her to the market and handle the payment? Personally i would prefer if hubby goes instead of giving her free rein with the money cos i've heard of cases where the CL would just keep the balance.

                  2. What if your baby arrives much earlier? When is her earliest available date? The reason why i'm asking that was that the CL which i originally booked accepted another assignment that would end just a few days before my EDD. In the end i dropped her and got my current CL instead. Was a blessing in disguise cos my bb arrived 2 weeks before EDD and my current CL was definitely a great help.

                  Good luck in your search!


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                    Another point to note is that does she cook for your hubby or is he supposed to eat the same confinement food as you? Mine cooked separate dishes for herself and hubby cos confinement food is "heaty".


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                      I looked for my confinement lady quite late as well (mar for jul birth) and finally got one through an agency. I haven't yet delivered so i can't tell you how good she is, but i'm being charged $1650 + 197 for the employment pass and the lady will cook for me and my hubby (different food for him), wash and iron all our clothes and do some simple cleaning / mopping in addition to looking after the baby and me. I specifically asked for someone who is ok with dogs (i have a mutt) and won't feed the baby water in between feeds. I don't get to meet the person beforehand (i guess who i get depends on when i pop) but the agency came recommended to me, and they tell me if i really don't get along can change person (but must pay employment pass fee again). Just thought it might be useful for you to have the numbers for comparison. Good luck!


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                        Hey gals,

                        Thanks for your advices! She rang me yesterday and so I checked with her the following:

                        1. She'll do simple cleaning like mopping floor, laundry etc.
                        2. Her last assignment is Oct so even if baby arrives much earlier, no problem for her to start early.
                        3. SO thinks it's better that he goes marketing with her since the market is pretty far from my place.
                        4. She'll cook seperate food for SO. And if in-laws or parents come once in a while like weekends, she'll also cook for them.
                        5. No problem on her work permit.
                        6. No problem for her teaching my new maid.

                        Think more or less confirm her.


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                          How much more for twins?

                          Hi, was wondering if anyone had twins? Any idea how much more would a CL charge?

                          I too need good confinement lady contacts. I've read through the whole thread and had email / PM some of the ladies for their CL contacts but if anyone wants to post CL numbers here, please do so, it'll be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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                            Just want to share with you about my CL. She's a nice lady and took good care of me and my bb. She's easy going and will not insist on things that I think its unnecessary to follow.

                            Anyone need CL, might consider her. Her rate is $1800 not including of angpow (token). She's still at my place but will be going back on tuesday.

                            PM me if you need her contact.


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                              Mum as ur CL?

                              Hi gals.. does anyone have ur own Mum as ur CL? Seems like many who mentioned onli MIL.. Can anyone tell me wad is the lowest rate then I can give my mum? It's not that I'm stingy.. but it's not very affordable for me if it's 1.8k and above... As for the red packet.. Is it a separate issue from the confinement $ or jux put the $ in red packet n give her? Does anyone knows??


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                                I'm not sure about the rate. I think it's just a token of few hundred dollars like $500 to $1.2k. As for the red packet, it's a separate amount (as little as $2).