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    Great thread, Karen!

    My new beginnings? I've finally learnt how to ski! Always thought that it was something beyond me. I wouldn't have made it without DH's encouragement. We now have new holiday destinations to explore

    oh yes.......i'll be starting Jap lessons with 2 other sweeties on board tomorrow.


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      Originally posted by Riverie
      ...just quoted my own paper in my new paper... Feel a sense of satisfaction!
      Ya man! Cool! I know EXACTLY what u step... get other papers to quote YOUR papers! :note:


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        New additions

        I added new fishes to my current marine tank and set up another tank of corals.

        I m still waiting for the water in the new tank to settle as there are more corals. *fingers crossed*


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          Originally posted by meow123
          Keiko welcome back!! You could ski already?? Congrats!! I can't despite trying twice.

          And did I hear Japanese lessons? Good for you. Good luck
          thanks for the warm welcome

          yes, i'm taking Jap lessons so that i can read all the mags and chat up cute jap guys


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            hunny, lovely collection of marine fish you have! yellow box looks cute!


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              felt that my life is somewhat in a mess.

              I want to start staying healthy, by eating properly and exercising. I haven't been exercising for ages! I really need to start. I'm keen on pilates but don't know where to start lessons, etc. any recs?

              I need to have new focus and goals in life. felt that I've been rather aimless for the past 2 over years though I've been working and working.. work has been so busy that it hasn't left me time to reflect and enjoy my free time.

              perhaps i would like to pick up something new as well (pilates would be a good start ) and maybe continue learning guitar which i've left it aside for so long.. and maybe pick up some basic photography skills.

              i want to stop spending and start saving! i haven't had any savings.. This must stop!

              my relationship.. guess i'm somewhat confused and undecided. I need help on this!

              *sigh* my life seems to be in a mess


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                hmmm... my new beginning is a small one. i actually am beginning to grasp econs better than before , when i was helpless at it . i feel better about myself now... even though there IS still piles of stuff to plough thru left and today is saturday already. but at least i'm beginning to get it.


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                  hi Raine,

                  it's always good when we take stock and realise what we've missed out on and what we should have done. we all have regrets, but don't let them weigh you down ya ? just do it, as Nike says

                  i also hope your relationship problems will work out fine... whatever your choices are, remember to follow your heart. if things are getting difficult you could always ask the cotters here for advice. we'd be here for you!

                  i wish you luck in all the things you wish to achieve! you CAN DO IT!


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                    Didnt realise there is this new thread... very blur.... just see this thread on time to share something new.......

                    I'M IN LOVE NOW!!!! :shout: :shout:


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                      Originally posted by Raine
                      I'm keen on pilates but don't know where to start lessons, etc. any recs?
                      check out CozyFitness maybe take up pilates at a CC? i'm trying to find a CC which is near me and offers classes which fit into my schedule and isn't full too!


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                        Congrats Jemay! Tell us more! Is it the hunk in your previous avatar? *busybody at work*


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                          Originally posted by meow123
                          Jemay dear, CONGRATS!! Tell us more yeah?
                          Being in love is a great feeling and I am glad to hear you have found love once again
                          thank u missy meow. Now is too soon to say much about it, will update later when he do more stuffs for me! hahahah..... He's a young chap, neat and boy looking. And yes, younger than me


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                            Originally posted by keiko
                            Congrats Jemay! Tell us more! Is it the hunk in your previous avatar? *busybody at work*
                            no no no, i repeated many times already, HUNK is NOT my bf!!! :shout: :shout: :shout:


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                              yes yes! we want to hear more about your new man


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                                you must have missed the post i wrote when writing!! Not the hunk not hunk not the hunk.........

                                Yes i think my thinking blossom like a flower now, can think properly now! Shall see how things turns out
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