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  • Is this worth it?

    Hey guys, I am really confuse. While I was browsing thru forums, I realised that there is this Electronics & Furniture Christmas Gift Fair at Suntec City. I saw this really good deal that caught my eyes, Samsung Dual Core Netbook at $399. My old netbook had already spoilt so I am looking forward to getting a new netbook. What do you guys think?

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    What do you use the netbook for? Netbooks are cheap because the quality is inferior and quality control is not that good. How long did your netbook last you?

    If you use the netbook to browse the internet and doing simple tasks, Why not consider the Apple iPad? it is small, light weight, and the battery life is fantastic. It is more expensive than the netbook you saw but I think that it is worth the money than any netbook.


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      Hi, i take it the sales promotion is over? Did you buy the item?