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    i use them! Besides my blusher, mascara, eyeliner, pp & lp, i find that for e/s no matter how religiously i use them, i have nvr finish one b4, cos new ones keep adding on!


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      I used to buy what I use only.. Until I came into CC. Then I went into a buying frenzy because I never knew all these pretty stuffs (packaging) exists! Now, I stopped quite abit already because I knew I'll never be able to finish them all. Save the money for other pretty stuffs like clothes!


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        I only use mascara, eyebrow kit and lip balm/gloss.

        I don't use makeup on my face at all and have never applied eyeshadows, blusher, foundation.

        I like to see girls use makeup but not on my own face.


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          Enlighten me?

          I don't quite understand makeup collecting. Only have one face, and once the MU is opened, they are exposed to air, will expire quite soon right? i.e. you can't keep them forever unless they are BNIB.

          And collect and collect and watch them for what? No offence to any of you MU collectors...I'm just extremely curious why people would buy and not use Isn't it better to buy bag/shoe/clothing with the money, stuff that you can at least use once if not more, instead of buying MU and storing it in your room?

          Maybe one day when I've got lots and lots of cash (ooo overflowing!) then I'll troop down to MU counters and spend spend spend!


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            frankie, you must be one of those natural beauty blessed with good porcelain skin then. I wish i don't have to paint my face either, but have to conceal my flaws otherwise can't see the daylight.

            i think with what you are currently using. An additional blush will be a good idea.


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              i guess it all boils down to different ppl are different.

              Click Our cosmetics collection and you will know why.

              Some ppl collect earrings, shoes, bags, clothes, and some it's makeup.


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                Most serious makeup collectors don't use their collection.
                It is a 'collection' like any other collection, no different to collecting stamps etc. Do stamp collectors use their stamps?

                Somethings are just for looking at.

                We all see beauty in different forms, for some people that's owning every MAC eyeshadow ever made.

                I don't think makeup go bad and they don't smell if they are stored properly.

                If stored properly, compacted shadows / blushes etc. will last 15 years, as with lipsticks.

                Again, they are for looking at, nothing else.
                Each to his own.


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                  Originally posted by CaramelGirl
                  Most serious makeup collectors don't use their collection.
                  It is a 'collection' like any other collection, no different to collecting stamps etc. Do stamp collectors use their stamps?

                  Somethings are just for looking at.
                  That's true; I never saw it that way! Maybe because my sticker-collecting days are long-gone! Plus I began to be more conservative with money since, I start earning my own, and bleah, there are so many things to pay for

                  About MU going bad... don't those fashion magazines always recommend discarding MU after 6 months of opening the package? I don't do that, wonder if anyone does. It's such a waste since most of the stuff, e/s especially, will definitely not finish up in 6 months time!


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                    I do not collect nor use make up. But in past i bought lipstick, lipgloss and lastly foundation. I was kinda influenced by my gal friend. Now, i do not really use them.. I like my bare face.


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                      CaramelGirl, i finally found a buddy in you. My SO, family and friends think i'm so odd and seriously need therapy. And this applies not just to makeup... I know i'm odd, but i just can't bear to put brand new items to use. I love admiring them in their pristine condition. My clothes, bags and shoes will be kept for awhile before i finally use them. I'm worst when it comes to hoarding makeup. I still have tons of makeup BNIB. But i'm not willing to let them go though. I buy only what i really love so there's no purpose for me to have a Sales/Swap List.


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                        haha i'm a makeup addict too! i always buy and never use, and just leave it there either brand new or barely touched because it's just soooo pretty and irresistible. and i hardly use the makeup either so i know perfectly well it's a waste of money but oh well :x too much money to spare right haha.


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                          I collect but use at the same time. For those who just collect but dont use, ever thought of what to do when they turns bad? Like mouldy or smell bad? My heart would probably bleed if they ever turn bad.


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                            Originally posted by Glossie
                            Yea, it's mission impossible to finish an e/s.. took me Iforgothowmanyyears to finish a Shu blusher. Shouldn't the industry people make shallower e/s pans and transfer the savings to us consumers so we'd buy even MORE then?
                            haha yes! Those makeup companies should make the stuff in smaller quantity, in cute little pots/pans, and at half the price! Then we all go crazy buying...


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                              Originally posted by CaramelGirl
                              Hi lovely cotters,

                              Just a show of hands how many of you actually use the makeup you bought. Do you buy makeup becos they look so pretty or do you actually use them?

                              I have tonnes of makeup still brand new in box:-

                              - 3 Stila FF palettes
                              - All 3 Stila Orient palettes
                              - Stila Love look deal palette
                              - MAC Whim mineralize e/s
                              - MAC Holiday 2004 Jewel eye palette
                              - Shu rosemary, IR blue 645, IR Green 512 e/s
                              - > 15 Revlon SL l/g
                              and tonnes of MM and Pied Nus e/s.......

                              somehow they all seemed too pretty to use. Anyone else like me?

                              I collect Anna Sui stuff. Love their cute containers!! Some ppl dont really like the rosy scent, but it really smell nice! Their blush is really sweet and i think it works well with fair-skinned girls! I'm eyeing their eyeliners now! ~