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(Movie)You are the apple of my eye opens 10 Nov 11 (电影) 那些年,我们一起追女孩

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  • (Movie)You are the apple of my eye opens 10 Nov 11 (电影) 那些年,我们一起追女孩

    This movie offered a sneak preview over the long weekend (4 - 7 Nov) and will officially open tomorrow.

    Today's Straits Times Life! carried a 2.5 page review of the movie which enjoyed fantastic box office both in Taiwan and HK.

    Surprisingly, our national English newspapers actually have given it a 4-star which I feel it's rather high especially local drama production "The Oath" 行医 only enjoyed a 3-star rating.

    If you want an interesting story like that of US movie, this is incomparable. But I feel this is not too bad for a Taiwanese production (no biasedness here and no offence here. Peace). The theme song almost hit 1mil viewership over at Youtube.

    The lead actress is very pretty and sweet. The lead actor is not bad looking as he has that kind of looks that grow on you. Not exactly handsome when you first look at him.

    This movie has 4 nomination at the Golden Horse award 金马奖 to be held on 26 Nov :Best Actress 陈妍希, Best New Director 九把刀, Best Newcomer柯震东 and Best theme song (sung by mainland Chinese 胡夏). The theme song part, I'm not too sure, may be written by Hu Xia too? Someone please help in this.