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    Re: slings, it is natural for babies to want to be close to mommies! It's their survival instinct kicking in. So do try to see it not as they will get so used to being slung that you have difficulty separating her from you, see it as she wants (and needs) to be near the person she's closest to.

    FYI, Isaac's ok with both sling and stroller though I've slung him since infanthood. There are kids who are more high need who may not want to sit in a stroller at all though, whether slung or not.

    Are you intending to bf? If so, the sling is going to be a most useful tool! Why not just give it a try first? You can get one and if you find that it doesn't work, you can always sell it off (there is definitely a market for second hand slings). You could also buy a second hand one off yahoo auction

    I guess I'm emphasising on this because it's been so useful for me, I want you to have that convenience too Furthermore you were asking about doing things arond the house. Slinging your baby allows you to do that

    Playpen-wise, I don't have one for the second baby but I did have one for the first, briefly. It wasn't much use frankly, he preferred to come out and play. I don't know about price=quality but a simple one would do, I'm sure! Alternatively, you could put your child in a high chair OR your stroller and make sure she is with you wherever you are, so she can see you and vice versa.

    Btw, my high chair is from Ikea one of our favourite places, yeah? You can get the table, chair, safety belt separately. Costs less than $30 iirc. I have yet to start the little one on solids though, so haven't used my chair yet!

    Re: BHC, your body is experiencing them THROUGHOUT your pregnancy BHC can be painless or uncomfortable (they can feel like cramps!). I had them a lot during my last pregnancy. Ask Paul if you have any queries about your cramps - it's better to seek medical opinion on them.

    It's good to ask questions! That's how we all learn. I'm still learning myself! If I haven't already mentioned this, is a good webby about pregnancy, labour and birth.


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      I'm surprised you mentioned the sling to your friend, not many people in SG are aware of such a thing. I am an oddity where I live because I sling *sigh* :roll: Passers-by all ogle and wonder what the heck I'm carrying (when the baby's tucked inside sleeping and you can't see his head)

      My 2 cents on your friend's baby - it could be that he feels insecure and wants mommy's presence all the time. This is perfectly normal! Not all babies can be put down (yes, even infants). In fact, babies who want to be near mommy all the time or want to be carried a lot are clever babies, they're ensuring their survival, really!

      Trying to get her to sling is a fab idea (you're so clever!) because that way, baby can be close to mommy without her having to hold him in her arms all the time. His temperature will regulate, so perspiring isn't that much of a problem. Also can turn on the airconditioning at home, right?

      Is she nursing? Sometimes nursing babies need to be latched on longer before they fall into deep sleep. In addition, babies have shorter sleep cycles (again due to the survival instinct).

      Try this link for more info on this:
      8 Infant Sleep Facts Every Parent Should Know

      Here's another one reg. high need infants:
      5 Reasons Why High Need Babies Sleep Differently is a good webby generally, so do recommend it to her

      Every baby is different, so rather than comparing with other babies, encourage her to observe her little one and parent accordingly


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        Re: Re: RE: Sarong cradle Vs Baby Cot

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          Re: Re: Re: RE: Sarong cradle Vs Baby Cot

          Originally posted by mel171103kev
          Hi momopeach! You have dogs AND baby, so happy... if you ever take pictures of them together, and feel okay about sending to me, PLEASE do. I'm using all kinds of dogs and baby pictures, examples, articles to brainwash my anti-dog mother-in-law. Had/ having a horrible time getting her used to the idea even though I'm not living with her (first it was I'd miscarry breathing dog fur, then it was that the dog will PLOT to attack the baby etc etc etc). I'm aware that should never leave unattended, that baby will take up ALL my time, but I have supportive hubby who helps out ALOT with the dog, and my mum to help me with the baby too... really want to those nosey aunties who airily admonish me with, "When baby comes out you won't have time for such things! Sell/ Give/ Throw the dog!" :roll:
          Actually I have more than 3 dogs, and 1 cat. I also have a parrot and 2 chinchillas. When I was pregnant, my mum kept asking me to sell/give the all the animals away, stating the same reasons as your MIL. I told her that I would if I REALLY REALLY cannot cope after I had my baby. But deep down inside, I know that is NOT gonna happen. The animals are like my babies too I think I have some pics of the dogs with the baby. I'll be glad to send them to you. PM me your email addy

          Having a supportive hubby is VERY important. Esp during the 1st mth or so when you might feel abit overwhelmed with taking care of the baby, the changes in the otherwise normal routine. Being overwhelmed is normal, afterall being parents are overwhelming sometimes!

          After the baby is born, alot of your friends or relatives might wanna come over and see the baby, but you shouldn't feel obligated if you don't feel up to it. You might be tired, and overwhelmed, and having to entertain is just not a good idea. The most important thing is to rest. The main priority is you and the baby. Other things can wait


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            Re: Re: Re: Re: RE: Sarong cradle Vs Baby Cot

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              Originally posted by Ariel
              Anyway, I am going to get a cot, possibly get it custom-made because the shops here don't sell the type I want. I don't think I'll be using a sling so I'll most probably get a stroller.
              Just curious, what type of cot do you want? Is it common to custom-made cots in malaysia?


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                The cot I want looks something like the ones shown on Very simple but somehow the ones I have seen around here are made of low quality wood and not really standard. The department stores sell only playpens which I don't like. We don't have any baby specialty stores here so hubby's thinking of having the cot custom-made. At least we can choose the type of wood and design we want.


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                  Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: RE: Sarong cradle Vs Baby Cot

                  Originally posted by mel171103kev
                  I'm only in 2nd trimester now, so I still have almost 4 mths to brainwash my mother-in-law on the other THORN... breastfeeding. Her concepts differ from mine, another uphill battle. I don't want to hear any negative remarks when I'm struggling with breastfeeding, or, again I will not be responsible for spouting rude retorts! Just had 1st round of debate last week and she was already quite horrified, while I got very agitated arguing. Luckily, hubby is supportive and told me the baby is mine, I can do whatever I want!
                  and for your tenacity. Read up as much as you can and try to convert her subtly. Arm yourself with knowledge. If nothing works, close your door to nurse and most importantly, stay determined. Bfg is something I feel VERY strongly about because it is the best you can ever give to your child. It is not something that comes naturally (despite what everyone says) and bfg mommies need a lot of support - I offer you mine .

                  Congrats on a supportive dh, your baby is blessed to have a breastfeeding daddy

                  Curious, what are your mil's thoughts on bfg?

                  Mag (off to start a breastfeeding thread)


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                    Hi, for those of you who have brought a cot.

                    Where did you get them and what brand is your cot?

                    I am definitely getting a cot but still not certain which one.

                    I like those at mothercare and also spotted one australian one ar robinson selling around $799.

                    I have also seen lower price range ones like infantino:

                    But I still cannot convince myself that an infantino one is just as good as those bigger brands. Does anyone owns an infantino cot?


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                        Thank you so much! You have been a real help.

                        So much to think about. I didn't know where to start.

                        Now, you have made it so much easier and thanks for all the effort you put into typing this .

                        Please refrain from quoting the entire post when you are replying, especially when the post is directly before yours.
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                            About slinging, I did thought of getting a 3-way aprica carrier for the beginning, then 'graduate' her to a stroller when I can no longer carry/sling properly as time goes by. But I also know that babies love being slinged/carried alot more, and the more they're used to it, the harder to wean them off and get them to be comfy in a stroller. So I'm sticking to a stroller from beginning so that she'll be used to it as early as possible.

                            Hi Mommies, just to give my 2 cents after reading all these posts on the sling. :D Hope it'll be useful for some mothers.

                            I can't agree more to what Mag has said. I strongly recommend the use of the baby sling to any mothers. Not those front carrier but those that looks like the Malays used to use (but nicer *** of course!) OOPS! ) I had terriible backache when I used the front carrier (when my baby was then 6 months). I was in agony ( until I was introduced to the sarong sling. My first child was then 18 months and it was impossible to put her in the sling. And I don't know how. I wished someone could have told me earlier about the sling (be it the usage or where to get one). I was breastfeeding my dd and it was a hassle to have to look for a place to breast feed discreetly. You know, being the first time mother, so inexperience, I wasn't sure what to do then. I only go to places where I can find nursing room. How silly of me. ) I ended spending 3/4 of my shopping time in the nursing room! Somehow, eventually, I settled on anywhere, as long as I can get a seat. :"> (Eg. Food courts / parks / resturants / dressing room etc). Ha! If only I had a sling then, it would have made nursing, if not, shopping easier. ) ) Even if you choose to bottle feed, a sling does comes in usefull too. :D All you need is practice.

                            I used the sling for my 2nd girl. Had a little difficulty initially, but it wasn't a big fuss. :D Thank God for the sling, I can do some house work / cooking / attend to my elder girl etc (didn't have a maid then). (Oh BTW, I'm a SAHM). At times, I slinged, do my shopping, nursed the baby (walking) at the shopping centers. :D Nobody will actually knows that the baby is nursing. It's quite a common sight at the shopping centres now. I agree that mothers should get the babies used to something new (in your case, the stroller). Even Mothers, need getting use to their new babies. So why not for a start, try using the sling? I am sure your baby doesn't need much 'getting use to'. They like to be cuddled snugly; just like they are in the womb. They'll be so comfortable in the sling and that may make Motherhood comes easier for you. The Sling, which in my opinion, is a better choice for my baby. Other then the heat, *argh* can be unbearable at times tho. All babies love to be close to their mommies. You'll find them growing up too fast. By the time they actually outgrown the sling (around 2yo), they will want to sit in the strollers when they're tired (apparently, most toddlers do). :D Best of all, slinging the baby makes breastfeeding such a blissful experience (esp to new mothers). =D>

                            For the use of the sling, I'm sure Mag would love to show you how. Mag? Alternatively, you can even rent a video if you buy the sling from or www.born& Mag, did I get this right?

                            As for the strollers, I had my fair share of experience since I used it for my elder girl. In all, I had 3 strollers. I finally settled with the lightest one - Aprica (3+kg). It's good to get strollers that are light weight and one can be closed with one hand. Combi and Aprica are 2 good brands that I would recommend, though it does cost a little more. Unless you always go out with somone,who can help you with the carrying, you can get the GRACO ones (which weighs as much as 7 - 9 kg for some, if not more) My Aprica is still in good condition after 5 hard working years! If you intend to use it for the second or even the third child, it's good to spend a little more. :D

                            Oh, I forgot to add this. It's so often that I see parents carrying their babies (instead), pushing the strollers...........which was filled with loads of shopping bags; worse, with grogeries! the strollers can be very useful after all. ) ) ) Happy Parenting!

                            - Corina (mother to Meryl - almost 6yo & Avryl - 3yo) They are my O:-)


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                                hi crayon_palette! Hi and welcome to cozycot!

                                I'm really glad for you that the sling is working so well for you and your babies. I made my decision to start off with stroller and not use a sling after reading my share and after talking to many mummies (yep, its an informed decision). And as much as I'm planning to BF, I won't be doing so in public(not that I've anything against it, just personal preference really). I'll retreat to nursing room/clean toilet cubicle instead. Anyway, its great that there are different products for different mummies and babies, some prefer the sling, some prefer a stroller, not so much of what is 'better' or 'worse', more like what is better for ourselves, I'm sure you'll agree.

                                I've set my eyes on the Graco EDT citisport stroller (hubby likes this model too, he likes the orange one), will probably get it during the great singapore sale (unless I come accross another stroller I like better that costs around the same).