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    Originally posted by Shon
    Ok, Ok.... Just curious on how miracle the ginseng is... Will think of taking some...
    Perhaps it made me more alert after I took it.... but the effects is not that long lasting unless you take it consistently. Do monitor if you have sore throat when taking it. Sore throat will be the first sign that the ginseng is too "heaty" for you. But don't be too paranoid and imagine a sore throat though


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      I got some "tan" (in Mandarin) now but not serious..... I am not too sure it is hot one or cold one..... Anyway, I have no time to try the powder last night.... can't report much...


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        Originally posted by Shon
        Should I try it? The powder seems ok, not lumpy. I just afraid of my body can't Ginseng...... I drink DOM every night... :roll:
        :yaya: i also brought lot of ginseng powder from korea.

        ginseng powder is very expensive, if you don't dare to take maybe can use it for mask. those korea shop owner told me if you have oily skin mix egg white with the ginseng power. dry skin mix egg yolk with the power. should be very good

        as for heaty or not is not the kind of ginseng but how old the ginseng is. the 6 years (also the expensive one) are good for all the four years one (also the cheaper one ) are the heaty one. HTH


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          Thank, Vien. May i know what is the amount that I should use for the Ginseng Powder & egg white? I probably will try this method.

          The package doesn't specify how many year the ginseng is, so it is very hard for me to definite whether it is heaty or not.


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            Originally posted by Shon
            Thank, Vien. May i know what is the amount that I should use for the Ginseng Powder & egg white? I probably will try this method.

            The package doesn't specify how many year the ginseng is, so it is very hard for me to definite whether it is heaty or not.
            does it have the world "heaven" there is yes should be 6 years ginseng. if not i don think it is. they didn't tell me how much i think 1 to 2 tea spoon should be enough.

            or you can put it into your regular mask. have not tried this but i also add aloe into my ginseng mask.
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              Re: Korea Ginseng Powder

              Originally posted by Shon
              Any idea what is the different of Korea Ginseng powder & normal Ginseng powder?
              Originally, Korean ginseng is also known as 'Gao Li Sheng', regular Ginseng is known as 'Ren Sheng' and American Ginseng is known as 'Pao Sheng'.

              In pure form, Korean ginseng is heaty, and can only be taken by those who are weak but not overly (some people's heath are what the chinese say 'Xu bu shou bu', meaning too weak to handle tonics). Its a very good tonic for men, for women after childbirth, for general strengthening after recovery from illnesses, and for those who are afraid of the cold, etc.
              Ginseng, aka 'Ren Shen' is neutral, neither cooling nor heaty. Its supposedly a 'miracle herb', used for all ailments, to treat cancer, for the recovering, the terminally sick as well as to 'increase life span' of the healthy (er...this part I don't really believe). Used generally to improve the health conditions, whatever state of health you're in (unless you're pregnant). Olden folks even believe a thousand year old ginseng can revive the dead (heh, yar, right..)
              As for American ginseng aka 'Pao Sheng', its considered cooling, used generally to revive the fatigued ('Ti Shen'), good for smokers, people with stressful lifestyles and those prone to heatiness. This is the one most commonly taken and more regularly taken then the other two varieties.

              Having said all these, I don't think the korean ginseng powder you have is very potent at all, because good quality ginseng will almost never be made into dissolvable powder (grinded into powder and encapsuled yes, but not to stir into water). And its probably contained in some sugar base for it to dissolve effectively (that's the norm). The real korean ginseng % in that powder is probably very low, so don't worry about taking it or the side effects. But bear in mind that korean ginseng is supposedly heaty, so refrain when you're not feeling well. You may or may not see results, but if you're ever ken to take ginseng for health reasons, go to only a reputable provider like Eu Yang Sang and be prepared to pay hundreds for the ones that really works. HTHs.


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                Re: Re: Korea Ginseng Powder

                Thanks for the advices, Mango. I didn't consume the korea ginseng powder given by my colleague. As you said, the quality may not be good & may cause me heaty as well.


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                  the korean one i bought is less heaty and i feel of better quality

                  koreans often use this to feed with milk to their babies.

                  also a good facial mask mixed with egg white. as the tour guide said...korean women have got very fair skin because they use the mask frequently.


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                    I *** came back from my korea trip and bought the Korean Ginseng frm their National Board (which is endorsed that all ginseng sold are 6yrs and above, and if anything wrong can bring to local korea tourism board for compensation). I paid US330 for 6bottles of Ginseng powder...can last me 1 year or so. What I learnt is same as Helethea, 6yrs ginseng is the minimal matured age to consume as is it not heaty. Anything less than that due to seller eager to earn quick bucks are heaty and not so good.

                    With regards to the mask, should be 3-4 teaspoons mix with egg white (for oily skin) or egg yolk (for dry skin).

                    Btw, there are alot of imitation in korea on this ginseng thing. The SA told us many outside sellers are copying their packaging and sell the more inferior ginseng outside although is cheaper. So is not safe to buy outside the National Board as we can't tell the difference about the age of the ginseng.


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                      my sis-in-law bought me 2 bottles of korean cheonil taekuk ginseng powder last month. how can I tell whether they're bought from the National Board and not the inferior grade?


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                        i guess if she mentioned she bought from the National Board then it should be the authentic one


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                          May I know if PaoShen in English is Korean or American Ginseng?

                          I will be starting to drink paoshen powder again. Was told by my aunt last night that my face looks pale She smacked my backside when she asked me why I stopped drinking a year ago One of the reputable stalls that sells paoshen powder is at bugis (opposite the chinese temple).

                          P/s : That goes to say that no amount of MAC nor NARS can make one look healthy.... I was on full makeup last night!
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                            Hmm, i just came back from korea a few days ago.. but according to my tour guide, he said that women should not really take American Ginseng too much as it will cause numbness in the legs and hands.. i found it very true, because i've been taking ginseng since young and always had this problem, didn't know the cause until now..


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                              Bought several boxes of ginseng powder from the Korean National Board during my korea trip. The powder are made from 6 years old original Korean Ginseng Roots, which are at their prime age and are not heaty to consume. Ginseng contains elements that improve blood circulation, stabilize blood pressure and protect internal organs. Currently, our family and relatives are consuming these capsules (2 capsules once a day is sufficient as recommended by the manager). I have bought excess during the Korea trip, hence i am letting go some on hand. Prices are as follow!

                              Meet up is available. Interested parties, please call/sms me at 9622 8550 (:

                              HEAVEN 1 KOREAN GINSENG POWDER (6 年根, 100% Platinum, Samsung)

                              Good for:
                              1. High/ low blood pressure
                              2. High excessive sugar level
                              3. Stomach and intestine troubles
                              4. High cholesterol
                              5. Uric acid
                              6. Weakness in nervous system
                              7. Blood clot
                              8. Liver and kidney problems
                              9. Men’s stamina
                              10. Heavy drinker and smoker
                              11. Weakness in heart

                              Letting go 1 box (200g) for S$200


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                                My mum's friend gave her a whole box as well, from the korean national board. But there isn't any expiry date on it. Till now non of us dare to consume it.