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OTO Trimax VS OSIM uZap

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  • I read in the paper on Sunday iirc that Oto Trimax is now having X'mas promotion.. having 10% or more if i didn't read wrongly.

    Feel like getting it for myself since it's only $200+.. for post natal slimming instead of engaging a massage lady for jamu massage which will cost me $600 for 7 days.

    But i'm pretty concern with my arms.. those with oto trimax, can trimax help to slim down the arms as well? Read that trimax isn't as effective as uzap when it comes to arm slimming since it has only 1 motor.

    Any advice??

    Many thanks!


    • I am new to this forum, now with christmas around the corner OTO trimax has offer of $288 with the spindex - hand held massager. Osim uzap king $368, no free gift.
      Have not tried anyone of them.
      Anyone tried it before ? any comment which one is better ? Really want to buy one but cannot decide which one. I have not done any try anyone of it.

      Want to buy one to slim down get a bit frustrated tried to go to gym, tried slimming centre but still no improvemnt.



      • just got UZap mini at offer price $99
        finally can work well on my arms!!the normal uzap i have cant work well on arms!


        • Hi Wennie,

          Do update on your progress ok??

          I have problematic arms too!!


          • the battery seem not so last...only can last for 1hr...need to charge for 2hr


            • I'm letting off my OTO Trimax, if you are interested, please visit the link below:



              • beware! those who bought the uzap mini.
                just saw the news .... over charging will cause the battery to overheat, causing it to catch fire!!!

                faster go refund yours now!!


                • thought of getting oto trimax.. any bad points about it? is it better than uzap? thanx..


                  • i have a brand new oto trimax for sale at $225. anyone interested? includes brand new spinex too. pls msg me at 81680707 if u have any queries! strictly no bargaining pls as it's already very cheap! thx! =)


                    • Hi Kye,

                      What's the update?


                      • Bought the OTO trimax long ago.. Didn't use it anymore, cos it's really not easy to use.

                        Need to wear it half hour a day and when you wearing it, you can't really do anything.
                        Cos it's not that confortable, and it gives me alittle backache, so I need to half lie down.
                        Can't read a book or watch TV cos it's quite a hindrance (can't enjoy the show/book)
                        Also, when my tummy feels funny or if I feel like got headache, I cannot use.

                        In the end, I gave up using. Didn't really feel any effect.

                        Used it for 2 weeks religiously and no effect.


                        • i'm willing to let go my uzap at 150bucks. in very good condition. only used it for 3-4times. lazy so didnt use in the end.

                          Calista 91147978


                          • any sucess stories to share using uzap? thanks


                            • i watched beauty world by yi neng jing.

                              the model apply hot slimming gel, then cling wrap, before using uzap. i asume it is uzap, with green strips. after the session the model got visible obvius thinner.


                              • my friend is using usante version of uzap ... cheaper than osim and look similiar .. i tried a while dun quite like it ...

                                but i was told if i keep using it for a period of time, i will definitely see results ...