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  • Siri

    I find SIRI very boring but sometimes in tripping moments with friends it does making me laugh. When you ask her to message a friend then the message will interpreted very far different from what you verbally said.. We all really laugh out loud.. But in serious matter, it is not so nice because asking for place to SIRI will never work (I dont know if there is need to set it up) in Singapore. I tried to ask about a place from US and that is the time it worked. Why is it Apple company never consider the adjustment of it depends on where country it was sold. Right??? You think I got a point there?

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    I also think that way. They should complete the features first before selling it out to the market of different countries. This is like a non-finish project and they launch it right away just to say they have new product. That's why Siri is not famous anymore because it is not so helpful.