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    Question to all girls who DIYed..

    For cars decorations : if i DIY with fresh flowers, how long before the actual event do I need to get them ready and how to keep the flowers fresh, especially since i would need to cut the flowers to such a short length?
    For all flower decors, including hand bouquets: do I really need to keep them in the fridge? What if it's difficult to make the space to keep them?

    (realise maybe this is the wrong posting thread, Mods, pls help to direct accordingly)


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      hapimint - yes you can just tell the florist that it's a posey for a gift, you don't have to mention wedding

      Ribbons - the AD itself is already a big rush with many things to do. Flowers should be arranged one day in advance.

      If you use fabric flowers for car decoration, it'll save alot of trouble, you can tie them on before the AD. If not, then suggest you do up the flowers in bouquets as complete as possible, tie on the ribbons, and leave them in the fridge or cool air conditioned room. Then tie the bouquets on the car on the actual day.

      If there is limited space in the fridge , then keep them in water in a cool air conditioned room.


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        Roger! Thanks for advise.


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          Hi ,

          would like to ask anyone can recommand any florist which provide nice bouquets?
          Sawsome gals from singapore bride saying that bedok blk 85 florist actually provide nice but cheap bouquet , but still wonderingg whether i should DIY or should i take it from a florist?Any advices?


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            Hi clouds_sky,

            Where will you be holding your ROM?
            If outside of ROM, I would suggest you order from a florist nearby to your place.
            If outside of ROM, order from a florist nearby the venue.
            You will realise that on the day itself you will be very busy and have no time to run ard to collect things.


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              HI pinkdewy,
              My hubby and I decided to go to the florist to take a look , Christina(floral designer) was friendly and full of professional advices, the price was great and totally resonable , it is even cheaper than me DIYing myself so we place an order with her.We were veri happy with her service.