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Wedding Shoes -- Flats?

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    think bc = "because"


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      i love the idea of ballet pumps. bought one a couple of months ago from French Sole whilst in london. this is the pair i got.


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        michannat, this is such a lovely pair of ballet pumps.


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            Wow so pretty!~

            Thanks so many gals for so many ideas.

            Anyway, i settled for a pair of silver color sandals which looked so Indian to me... like walking around in Taj Mahal.. hehe

            Will post up when i get a picture of it.

            Next, i got a pair of White Mary Jane lookalike Ballet Pumps from Marie Claire.. only to realised, it was a tad too small for my feet after expansion out of the mall.
            Wanted to add some beads/DIY nail art crystals to it but i duno if i can tolerate the tightness of the shoes....

            Afterall, i might just go Leapin Lizards to get 1 pair custom made.



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              Hi annabelle, the shoes you brought all sounds lovely.

              My advise: Don't wear the one that is too tight!!!!!!! We all know what tight shoes can cause us. Avoid the discomfort!!!!


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                Thanks naughtygirl!~ =)

                If just the 1st pair, it seems that it's too airy... too sandal-ly~

                Anywayz, good news gals! I saw ballet pumps up @ Old Navy only USD16.50!~ Whee!

                And I'm gonna order that since there's a size 11!!~
                But just wondering what local size is that equivalent to?

                *scratches* just in case i end up with many pairs of shoes lying around the house.


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                  Pretty Fit

                  Hi Annabelle,

                  In case, you have yesterday (Thursday) Straits Times Newspaper. Go to the Life paper & you'll see a very beautiful Silver Pretty Fit pump cost S$53.90. Hope you like it as I do



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                    Thanks Queenie but Pretty Fit doesnt fit on my big feet.


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                      i have flat feet anything too high willl hurt definately & its my party & i wanna be as comfortable as i can. Pumps with hand sewn sequins sounds good. I will be inserting my chiropractor insoles for that to amke my walk more comfortable- totally flat shoes are actually bad for the feet my doctor said.

                      but sneakers are such a cool idea! I am thinking of long long skirts to hide every thing too.


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                        Originally posted by michannat
                        i love the idea of ballet pumps. bought one a couple of months ago from French Sole whilst in london. this is the pair i got.

                        I like this shoes very much.

                        I also face the pblm of finding shoes cos I'm rather tall and same height as my bf and I alrdy worry when comes to ROM, which shld be this year, I cant find the right shoes.

                        I hope you girls can give me more suggestions to wear to buy a nice pair of flat shoes.

                        I also feel that wearing flat shoes are much more easier to walk, I went to a friend's wedding, she is wearing a heel which is about 4cm - 5cm high, and she got difficulty walking and have to walk very slow and we have to wait for her...haha...


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                          Please don't try Leapin Lizards. I have almost the same problem as you back then. I can only look for max 2cm shoes for my wedding. So I went LL to make a pair for my ROM. Well, firstly they don't have nice selections of low or flat heels to choose from and when I finally make do with what they have, the final product came out awful!! I'm so glad it was not my wedding shoes. They really can't make it for low heels.

                          I went Studio to look for my wedding shoes. Managed to get those slip in covered front kinds with beads etc. Half the price of LL somemore. Else yes, ballet flats will be a very good choice! I should think Tang & Co should have them. I've seen before recently

                          Originally posted by annabelle

                          Did it state where to get those?
                          where n how...much?


                          I called up leapin Lizard... said Satins n Sequins/Crystals mostly add to $129.
                          Find the price still okay if I cant fin anything retail cos I cant visualise how it looks w/o the real thing.
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                            try plastiq for nice beaded,sequin flats. in isetan.


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                              Was surfing the net and found this interesting website



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                                hi all!
                                urgently lookin for a pair of shoes to match my gown.. any idea where to scout from? i dun wan too high heels..