Hi all,
I'm curently in Europe and will be back in mid Jun. If you would like any branded bags/ accessories from Europe, drop me an email at [email protected] or facebook me (http://facebook.com/travelholic). There are also pictures of items you may not find in brands' e-store posted in facebook, e.g. Paul Smith cufflinks, Prada cardcases. The cufflinks and cardcases shown in facebook have to be ordered by 26 May 2011. Any others, whether posted or not posted in fb, have to be ordered by 6 Jun 2011.

General rule of thumb (except for Longchamp):
FX rate for EUR: 1.77, FX rate for GBP: 2.01
8.5% service fee
7% GST to be Included
No Vat Refund
Prices will be rounded down/up for easy payments. Please go to my facebook to get a feel of the prices. If there are other models from other brands you would like, drop me an email for a quotation.

have fun shopping online and hope i can be of assistance!