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  • Far East Plaza

    The impression I had of Far East Plaza was that of 77th Street (teeny boppy). My impression changed with yesterday's short visit. I was non stop and have been thinking of going back there with wads of cash to spend.

    So, for a novice like me, shall we list the names of the stores, if possible, with the unit numbers, which are worth a step into? Also, a little write-up would be awesome too!

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    great idea Kare!

    SUNNY ANG : #03-46
    TEL: 67374956
    EMAIL: [email protected]

    Sunny Ang should be infamous amongst Cotters by now. Most of us love him for his really feminine, yet unique designs. The items in his shop are a mixture of his own designs and selected pieces from other lines. great place for looking for funky, girly items for a special night out!

    GRIPZ : next to Sunny Ang

    the shoes here are gorgeous! They're knock-offs of famous designs from the latest designer collections, at rather affordable prices. definitely a store you must stop by while in FEP!


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      i like a few shops in Level One (will update with accurate names and unit numbers at night)

      1. VP7628 shoe shop - cheap, trendy shoes

      2. Bath & Body shop

      3. Utopia - sells ethnic but wearable stuff like batik skirts


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        [size=1]Originally posted by bluebubble
        i like a few shops in Level One (will update with accurate names and unit numbers at night)
        2. Bath & Body shop
        is that Blizz Essentials?


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          that's the one!

          Originally posted by vixette
          is that Blizz Essentials?


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            Sunburn at Level 4 for bikinis - it's featured in the August issue of Cleo


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              1) Closet Affairs at #03-96

              Currently they have Ali BaBa 3/4 and long pants, the IN silky black and army green ones. Polka dots top, starry silk tops, sometimes they have vintagy skirts and dress.

              Dare to dress and be different, hop in!

              2) Ego 04-?

              Japanese casual wear. You can find Ayu's brand of tees, nice accessories, bags ( Vivienne Westwood, Milk and etc japanese brand's look-alike bags ), cutsy tops and skirts to go with. For the japanese fashion fans.

              3) a.bout

              Simple and japanese NONO look-alike wear.

              4) Skool

              For the hip hop guy fans. Get some for your bfs! Japan and HK imported tees. You can find Abathingape too! Cool looking sales inside too. =P Hee..can't help it but say this out.

              Actually there's alot more shops in FEP to get hip accessories and unique clothes but i don't really remember all the unit numbers and the shops' names. Sorry!

              I FEP!


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                second A.bout, very unique clothes

                oh there's this bag shop at level one as well, sells nice bags; as usual, can't remember the name, it's near one corner


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                  Closet Affairs sounds great, I will check it out on my next trip!


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                    Somewhat OT but the Gelare Cafe at Level One of FEP serves a yummy-licious mint chip ice cream!

                    I'd been lamenting the discontinuation of Haagen Daz's Mint Chip ice cream but have recently found a worthy alternative in Gelare's Oregon Mint Fudge. Creamy and superbly minty, it beats the former hands down. Coupled with a scoop of rich choc ice cream (Chocolate Overload), can I say HEAVEN?


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                      Ooooh, I love Gelare!!!!

                      Looks like I have to spend an entire weekend at FEP now!


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                        Today's Tuesday Waffles [email protected]! Did u get yours?! I did!

                        Pan > I can spend every weekend there.. hehehe. But i really prefer it on the weekdays, for heerens as well. Heading there this thurs again!


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                          so! closet affairs is at FEP!
                          i was reading cleo and some nice clothes from there are featured. flipped to the stockist page and was disappointed to see closet affairs is not there.


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                            Yeah it is! Cleo! I haven't buy mine yet. Its a small dark shop, go check it!


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                              Originally posted by pandora76
                              Closet Affairs sounds great, I will check it out on my next trip!
                              Yah it does. Sounds like the kind of clothes I'll love.