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The good news is that aubameyang continued

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  • The good news is that aubameyang continued

    On this weekend's Bundesliga, Dortmund lost to Hamburg, but aubameyang continues recent good scoring, he has now has 15 goals in the League coming in, so hot also makes many feel worried, <A href="" title="fifa 16 coins online ">fifa 16 coins online</A> after all transactions after Liverpool and arsenal get aubameyang, Chelsea also joined in. This week, the sport Bild said aubameyang marked with the minumum of 60 million euro price tag, indicating that wasps, not easy to lose Gabon international.

    The Sun newspaper said Chelsea in January offer of 20 million pounds (about 28.5 million euros) to buy aubameyang, although Chelsea's bid was not low, but that the psychological bottom line remains far from Dortmund, such quotes are hard to come by in the Bundesliga shakers Gabon international.

    The good news is that aubameyang continued to maintained their own scoring, this game is aubameyang 3 consecutive field goals, scoring the 15th ball of the Bundesliga aubameyang over Levan of 14 goals, exclusive scorer. Aubameyang's excellent form this season and let him become the objects of Europe's top clubs, priced at € 60 million for him, enough to reflect his values. Dortmund won the Bundesliga Golden Boot player last 2013-14 season, Levan played in 20 games, now less than half of the season, aubameyang has completed the three-fourths, don't know whether Gabon striker in a stable state, and finally won the Bundesliga cannon. <A href="" title=" "></A>