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Party supplies & balloons!

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  • Party supplies & balloons!

    Where can I get alot of balloons and pumps at the cheapest price? I need hundreds!

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    Ooh! There are many shops specialising in party stuff on the top floor of the concourse. You can find all sorts of balloons there. The building is right next to golden mile and opposite the army market..

    I once bought 50 heart shaped balloons in cool metallic colours for less than 5 bucks!


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      OT, which bus goes there? Where is the nearest MRT station?

      How many balloons does Valu$ shop sell in a pack?


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        I'm not sure what buses go there but Lavender should be the nearest MRT station.

        You can take a look at the map.



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          Thank you so much dear!


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            No problemo! Have fun balloon shopping!


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              hey deary...Think u can try taking 10,16,70, or 100.A bunch of buses go there now but cant remember what other numbers,coz of the nicoll highway thingy.So these buses use beach road which is where concourse is located


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                I've just ordered some balloons for a x'mas event at my workplace! You can check out Balloon Baron , their website is Contact person is Annie and she's a very friendly person.

                Alternatively, Yeo GM Trading has lots of balloons for retail too. They have 4 outlets:
                (i) 237 / 243 South Bridge Rd, S058786
                (ii) Blk 1 Rochor Rd #01-550 S180001
                (iii) 275 New Bridge Rd S088750
                (iv) The Arcade, 11 Collyer Quay #01-22, S049317.

                Ctc: 6224 0500. Website: .

                The one which I patronise is at South Bridge Road (opposite the Hindu temple @ Chinatown) and its a huge store with lots of decor ideas.

                Hope this helps!


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                  Oh my, I should have read this thread before going out just now. I went to SKP and got 100 balloons at $11.


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                    Great finds on the Net

                    hey gals i found this site:


                    their stuff are really cute and pretty.


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                      Party Decoration supplies

                      Anyone knows where i can get party decoration supplies? Like a wide range of balloons, party hats, streamers, banners, poppers etc.?


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                        Let's party! @ HV ?


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                          hey girl! u can go to the shops at the top level in Concourse to get them. They used to be at the old Colombo Court where they all sell party accessories at wholesaler prices.
                          There is one at Bugis Village along the same path as Macdonalds, one at the building opposite Fu Lu Shou..
                          For one in town, there is one at The Arcade, 1st floor, in Raffles place..

                          Party party!


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                            I always go to Toys R' Us.


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                              I went to Toys R Us, but they come in small packs and are quite expensive if i get in bulk.

                              Will check out Concourse and The Arcarde. Thanks!