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WTS: 5-night stay at 3 Bedroom Villa w/ Private Pool at Lombok (Near Bali)

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  • WTS: 5-night stay at 3 Bedroom Villa w/ Private Pool at Lombok (Near Bali)

    Hi all,

    I have a voucher for a 5-night stay in a 3 bedroom villa with private pool at IMAJ Private Villas, Lombok to let go. Check out the reviews of the villa at Imaj Private Villas Lombok - Resort Reviews Lombok - TripAdvisor and the villa's website at IMAJ Private Villas Lombok for photos, videos and other information you might find useful.

    1. The voucher INCLUDES airport transfers (Note: airport transfers, not air tickets) and daily breakfasts.
    2. There is complimentary cabled internet access
    3. You are allowed to book the 3-bedroom villas at anytime -- There are no peak seasons or "blocked-out" dates. Only need to email the villa owner to check for availability and reserve.
    4. Both 3-bedroom villas (Batu Layar and Kopi) are available to be booked, so you can choose the villa according to your preferences

    Usual price of a 3-bedroom Villa at IMAJ is 330USD per night. I bought this voucher during one of their promos last year for 500 USD for 5 nights... Letting this go at 550 SGD which works out to be 110 SGD per night for the 3-bedroom villa, which is a steal for a relaxing getaway with family or friends. The reason for selling the voucher is that I haven't had the chance to utilise the voucher and now my company has plans for me to be posted to work in Shanghai soon.

    Voucher is valid until 23 September 2012 and the stays can be split. E.g. First trip stay for 2 nights.. second trip 3 nights etc. Voucher is also transferable, meaning you can pass it on to another friend or family if you decide that a one-time visit to Lombok is enough for you.

    There are direct flights from SG to Lombok via Silkair.

    Leave a message on my thread or PM me if you're interested in taking the voucher over. Thanks!

    p.s. I know many would have questions on my reliability since I've not posted anything on this forum since I registered my account on cozycot in 2005.. but I'd like to say that I am a GENUINE seller. Thanks for checking out my post
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      bump! willing to let go at $500 (the lowest I'm willing to let this go for) if anyone's interested... Leave me a PM, a message on this thread if you've got any questions or want to deal