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WTS: Erabelle Eyebrow Trimming Package (7 Sessions)

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  • WTS: Erabelle Eyebrow Trimming Package (7 Sessions)

    Hi all!

    I'm selling an eyebrow trimming package from Erabelle inclusive of 7 sessions, for $100. Usual eyebrow trimming services go at $29 per session, which therefore explains the lower price when you sign up for a package. If anyone has seen their shop, they are all dressed up in kimonos as part of their 'work attire', and have all undergone professional training in providing beauty services. In trimming eyebrows, they actually decide a suitable brow shape for you and explain the rationale based on your individual face shape. I would also say that they are quite hygienic in terms of handling beauty tools used to trim your eyebrows.

    The reason for selling away this package is because I simply can't find time to attend these sessions anymore (even though you can do it at any Erabelle outlet) because of my tight schooling schedule. Their outlets can be found at easily accessible shopping centres like Bugis Junction and VivoCity, etc.

    Please contact me (Sandy) at 92950778 if you're interested!
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