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WTS: Handmade String Accessories With Swarovski Crystals

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  • WTS: Handmade String Accessories With Swarovski Crystals

    All items at S$9.90 each. Free shipping.

    Leave a message here or PM me if you are interested or alternatively you can visit my site at for all details as well as various other products!

    Any questions? Click on the link below to go to the FAQ!
    Email: giftofai[at]gmail[dot]com

    Shipping is free!

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    Product is handmade from strings, giving the accessory its unique design and color. Finally, it is attached with Swarovski crystals, giving it a sparkling and brilliant feel. Not only can you attached them to phones, you can attach these accessories to your purse, bags, pouches or even MP3 players!

    2 designs (gift box and treasure box), 11 unique colors, a total of 22 different varieties.

    The color representations of the accessories:
    Pink represents romance.
    White represents health.
    Green represents friendship.
    Blue represents career.
    Yellow represents wealth.
    Red represents love.
    Purple represents wisdom.
    Orange represents family.
    Grey represents cautiousness.

    Do take note that because this is a handmade item, there may be slight difference in the actual product as compared to the pictures. The color of the Swarovski crystals may vary too.

    Dark Pink Gift Box

    Dark Pink Treasure Box

    Dark Yellow Gift Box

    Dark Yellow Treasure Box

    Green Gift Box

    Green Treasure Box

    Grey Gift Box

    Grey Treasure Box

    Light Blue Gift Box

    Light Blue Treasure Box

    Light Yellow Gift Box

    Light Yellow Treasure Box

    Pink-Black Gift Box

    Pink-Black Treasure Box

    Maroon White Gift Box

    Maroon White Treasure Box

    Orange-White Gift Box

    Orange-White Treasure Box

    Pink Gift Box

    Pink Treasure Box

    White Gift Box

    White Treasure Box
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