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WTS Dental Whitening: Crest 3d White Strips - Professional Effects

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  • WTS Dental Whitening: Crest 3d White Strips - Professional Effects

    Looking for cost effective smile makeover? yet similar effects as visiting a cosmetic dentist whitening treatment?

    Top #1 selling dental whitening product in US - Crest3d white strips with Advanced seal - Professional effects (Better than Crest Supreme, with thicker strips and adhere better and doesnt require any professional dentist supervision)

    Many positive reviews have been given for its cost effective guarantee whitening effects.

    *Do note teeth sensitivity and discomfort would occur during the process. But it is enamel safe and doesn't require any dentist supervision.
    It doesn't work well on people whom are wearing bracers or crowns.

    **Please be assured these are not fakes ... directly imported from US and it is brand new and factory sealed. Sold more than 200 boxes in local~

    Official Website
    Teeth Whitening: Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips

    Online Reviews
    Review on Crest 3D Professional Effects Whitestrips - YouTube
    Crest 3D whitestrips review - YouTube

    How it works?
    Is just peel, apply and wait.
    Video Demo=NEW Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal - How it works - YouTube

    What is the content of the whitening agent?
    Hydrogen Peroxide ingredient is 10%.

    How long the whitening effect last?
    The whitening effect could last 1 year after the consecutive 20 applications, however this is subjected to your frequency of consuming colored drinks and the individual's teeth condition.

    Distribution Methods
    Cash On Delivery strictly during weekdays at AMK and Serangoon MRT.
    or Registered mail with an additional $4. (Free registered postage for every purchase above 2 boxes)!!!

    How much is it?
    $70 per box (20 days supply) (Brand new and factory sealed)
    Each box contains 20 sachets, 1 sachet contains a lower and upper strip for daily 30 mins usage.
    Total 40 strips in a box.

    How to Buy?
    Please do not hesitate to contact me via my mobile at 9435 9829.

    Terms & conditions
    Please note i will not be held responsible for any damaged or persisting negative effects occurred. However, i will advice solutions to it.
    But so far there are none of such cases, only complaints are the after bleach taste, gums discomfort and teeth sensitivity, which will stop after a day.

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    Sold more than 200 boxes ~ Fresh New Stocks Arrived ~ .... Grab it while stocks last~

    Testimonials gathered from locals whom have purchased the whitestrips Greatly appreciate for their inputs!

    the strips is effective! hahaha. It's good.
    its good. my teeth are whiter
    i use 4 pouches and my teeth white ***** very effective
    i can either stop now or do a few more times very worth for me
    very recommended product and Jun gave great tips such as using sensitive toothpaste
    i wanted all along to do teeth whitening at Bangkok (coz cheaper than SG) after i removed my braces but now this method is easy and much cheaper
    Yes, they are good n effective! Thumbs up for them. Thanks!
    i used if for a few days last week, it did whiten up abit. pretty fast results i would say.
    My friends noticed more difference than me lol
    But I'm honestly quite satisfied with it
    It did made a difference and at that price it's gd enough
    Yeah! They do work!
    The strips work
    The strips are effective :D


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