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Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt Lamp! Very Famous in USA & Taiwan and now in Singapore!

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  • Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt Lamp! Very Famous in USA & Taiwan and now in Singapore!


    Himalayan salt crystal lamps are extremely beautiful in any home. When we decided to market these items, we initially did so simply because we found these products to be visually stunning and were apalled by their potential health benefits.

    According to various sources, Himalayan salt crystal lamps can benefit you in the following ways:
    Heat from the bulb or flame causes the salt to emit negative ions
    These negative ions bond with the pollutants in the air (positive ions) and neutralize them
    Also, the newly bonded ions become heavier and fall to the ground removing them from the air circulation
    In addition, these negative ions combat electro-smog caused by electronic devices operating in the home
    Symptoms from asthma, allergies, and other illnesses can also subside from the effects of these products
    Concisely, these products cleanse the air naturally and are extremely beautiful

    We are not scientists and cannot say with certainty that these reported characteristics are absolutely true, but neither can we dispute them. We have received many calls and emails from customers insisting that many of their allergy and asthma symptoms, even sleep apnea disorders, have subsided after having purchased a lamp.


    The biggest differentiating factor of a salt lamp is its weight. Typically, the heavier the lamp, the bigger it is, and the broader its ionization properties. The bigger the room, the bigger the lamp should be. Let it be known, however, that in addition to size determining the efficiency of ionization, so does the number of lamps. Spreading multiple proper-sized lamps throughout a room will yield the most positive effect, as this will keep the ion flow in the air the most balanced and effective. Below you will find the weights of salt lamps that the Himalayan Salt Shop sells with their respective protection areas:

    1.8-2.2 kg salt lamp -- 8x8 sq. feet (work cubicle)
    2.7-3.6 kg salt lamp -- 10x10 sq. feet (small bedroom)
    4-4.9 kg salt lamp -- 12x12 sq. feet (large bedroom)
    5.8-7.7 kg salt lamp -- 14x14 sq. feet (living room)
    13.6-18.1 kg salt lamp -- 20x20 sq. feet (recreational room)
    18.1-22.6 kg salt lamp -- 30x30 sq. feet (joined rooms & commercial spaces)

    Sometimes it is best to purchase a package which includes multiple lamps so they can be spread out throughout the house for optimal beauty and ionization.


    Natural Shape Salt Lamps - The most popular type. Natural shapes are usually preferred by customers because of their natural look. They represent the surface of the mountain from which they were excavated. Many like this unaltered look.
    Crafted Shape Salt Lamps - An example of a shaped lamp is the popular Ingot Shape Crystal. These special shapes add more character to the home and also look good when combined with the natural shapes throughout the home.

    Please note that Beaute Works provides everything you need should you decide to purchase a lamp with us. We give you a cord, a bulb, and a lamp with natural stone base attached. When you receive your lamp from us, you have everything you need to use it immediately. We even individually wrap each lamp should you decide to give it as a gift.

    The listing is for a small lamp.

    Prices varies for different lamp sizes.
    If you need a bigger lamp please contact us and we will be happy to serve you.
    Free Delivery to any location in Singapore Island....

    Please contact or sms 8503-6716 for more details.

    Check out our Facebook Page Beaute Works | Facebook

    Thanks for viewing.
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    Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp!

    check out the 91.3 fm deejays with our Salt Lamp...

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      TGIF... Thanks for your support so far...

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      Start breathing clean fresh air everyday!


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        Great! Love it!


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          Great! Love it!
          Thanks so much for your Support...

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            Hey people! new stocks are in .....

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              New Stocks are in! Famous in USA & Taiwan and now in Singapore!

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