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USA Foil balloons Spree

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  • USA Foil balloons Spree

    Balloon Sprees on USA Websites!
    Websites :
    • Bargain Balloons
    – Many licensed balloons to choose from!
    • - Wholesale Balloon Distributor
    – Gorgeous balloon bouquets!

    Low shipping fee!!
    $1 each balloon regardless of size!
    $3 for each bouquet ( bouquets are a set of balloons of 5pcs a set)

    ALSO, we have a rewards program with NO expiry date
    every purchase of $15 dollars, get SGD$1 rebate.
    the rebate can be used any time and not exchangeable for cash!!

    How to order:
    - Browse through the websites to see what you like
    - Take down the item number, item title, colour, size and the URL and fill in the box in the item box in this format :

    Product Code: 15750-02
    Item name: Disney Princess Garden HBD Princess!
    Colour: Pink
    Brand: Anagram/ MD
    URL: Bargain Balloons - Licensed Balloons Mylar Balloons and Foil Balloons
    Price: $1.29 US Dollars

    • Calculate the cost in this format :
    o ( item + Item )*$1.32 ( currency rate ) + (no. of items*$1[Shipping fee]) + $0.50 (handling fee)
    o Example :
    ($1.29+$0.6 + $0.99)*$1.32+ (3*$1)+ $0.5= $3.744 + $3+ $0.5 =$7.244 = $7.25 (round up to the nearest 5 cents)

    • Fill in the form on :

    • Wait for confirmation email, and further instructions will be given to you!

    • Terms and conditions apply!

    • Find us at : Party Artists Singapore | Facebook

    • Email us at [email protected]

    • Only orders through the form/email will be accepted.
    USA Balloon Spree!
    Flat Shipping rate of $1 for individual foil balloons regardless of size!
    Visit our Facebook for more details!
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    Guaranteed Lower Price!

    Look no further for party balloons to light up your party!